Myths of a Fit Foodie

If there is one thing you know about me, it’s the fact that I love to workout and love to eat even more.  So it should be no surprise that I watch what I am eating so that I have a healthy balance.  I still get questions and comments relating to what I eat (and don’t eat) so I thought I should clear things up.

I mean… I’m not some freak of nature just because I like healthy food and like to workout.  I am just like you!

Myths of a Fit Foodie

fit foodie mythYuck.  I find that counting calories doesn’t work for me and I would much rather go over on calories to ensure I am getting the proper nutrition I need.  I do use my Polar FT4 to get an idea of how many I should be aiming for, but I don’t strictly count and obsess over numbers.

fit foodie mythsAre you kidding me? I could never.  I just opt for loads of veggies, make it part of my 20 in my 80/20 rule, or make my own.  Pizza is one of those foods that I just can’t live without!

fit foodie mythWrong.  I get a hankering for my coconut dark chocolate bar sometimes  and I still want ice cream, pretzels, chips, twizzlers and the like.  I just tell myself to enjoy them in moderation and if possible, make it myself.  (I will be sharing a recipe soon for homemade ice cream and a coconut chocolate bar!)fit foodie myths

I prefer to say “nutrition plan.”  Diet screams restriction to me.  It makes me think “unhealthy” “weight-loss” “hungry” “empty” “short-term” which I want zero participation in.  If I want something I am going to eat it, I just prefer to fill myself up on wholesome and clean food.  I also hate “diet” foods like diet pop, low fat cottage cheese, and sugar free yogurt just to name a few.  I pretty much have a complex about the word.

fit foodie mythsI feel like my food now has more flavor than anything else I eat.  I like to throw together my own seasonings and have learned how to season food without having a recipe.  It just comes with practice.  I often think other food tastes bland since it’s primarily only seasoned with salt.

fit foodie mythsAlcohol does not help fitness progress, but I enjoy having a drink with my friends or even a glass of wine in the evenings.  Again, moderation.  I plan for a few drinks and never make myself feel guilty about it.

fit foodie mythsI do meal plan and prep but it’s just washing and cutting up fruits and vegetables or making a dressing.  I sometimes cook eggs, quinoa or brown rice ahead of time, but I hate making 7 containers of the same thing to eat everyday for lunch.  It takes me about 30 minutes to just prep a few things so I can dump them into recipes during the week.

fit foodie mythsTrying to cook dinner by myself (Rob works 3:30-11:30 pm) with a one year old means everyone eats the same thing.  There are times I might add in or eliminate ingredients to make a meal more family friendly, but I never make each of us separate meals.  An example might be making some Tempeh for myself while Rob and Quinn want chicken but using the same marinade for both.

fit foodie mythsOh contrare my friend.  While I do enjoy a hearty salad every once in a while, I don’t even eat one daily.  I love a WIDE range of cuisine from Mexican to Greek, so I don’t have to rely on salads to get my veggie servings in.  Even in the summer when it’s hot, I like to change it up with options like grilled veggie skewers or vegetables and hummus.

shakeoNot even a little.  I haven’t made a smoothie in… well I can’t even remember the last time and I rarely drink juice.  These can be a great way to get added vitamins, but it’s not my preferred method.  I do drink Shakeology, but I don’t really consider it a smoothie.  Smoothies tend to be made up more of just fruits and vegetables, whereas Shakeology has so much more.  I also am honestly too lazy to make smoothies.  (So much to put in and so much to clean up.)

Hope this clears things up!

Do you have people assume things about you because you live a healthy lifestyle?

Which myth speaks to you?

Is there a myth that is true for you?

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