Fix’n My Flat

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I recently ordered my first Stitch Fix which you may have seen me post about on Facebook.


Let me rewind to explain…

I decided to order Stitch Fix for a few reasons:

  1. I love Fabletics, Popsugar Must Have Box and so many other monthly goodie boxes
  2. I never get time to shop without Quinn
  3. Shopping with Quinn is an option… but a really crappy one
  4. I need a wardrobe update since I am always in workout clothes

and now the embarassing part…

I hate, I mean HATE, the way clothes fit me lately.  I feel like everything I put on makes me look like a boy.  After nursing Quinn, I literally have no boobs left.  I mean I had about zilch to begin with, but now I look like a twelve year old.  I’m finding myself to be extremely self conscious about it no matter how many times a day Rob says I am beautiful.

So I figured, what the heck.  I will try Stitch Fix and see what my stylist does for me.  (Meanwhile wincing and praying for the right pieces to come in that first box.)

The Easy Part

I jumped on the site to fill out some info about my sizes and style preferences.  (There are more preferences to fill out than what I am showing.)stitch fix style profile1

stitch fix style profile3

Then you get to decide if a few collections are good, bad or ugly.

stitch fix style profile2


Then I anxiously awaited and received my fix about two weeks later with a special note from my stylist.stitch fix box stitch fix note

Yeah!  How cool is that?  You can actually link your Pinterest board to show what styles are in your dream Pinterest closet!

The Hard Part

What do I keep and return!?  Well here are my pieces and the price breakdown.

stitch fix cuff

Zad- Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff $28

The cuff is very cute, but I felt like I could find a cuff anywhere that is practically identical.  Forever 21, Francesca’s, and The Limited have pieces almost identical at about half the cost.

stitch fix white blouse back

Just Black- Connely Skinny Jean $78

I decided that although I LOVED the jeans because they fit me so perfectly, they were a bit long and after $78, I don’t want to pay to get them hemmed up 6 inches.

stitch fix striped blazer

stitch fix stripes blazer

Market and Spruce- Torin French Terry Stripe Blazer $72

The blazer is just a no.  It’s very fun and I don’t hate it… on someone else.  The stripes and fit of this make me feel very boxy and boyish.  I prefer a blazer with more feminine details like this or this.

stitch fix lace detail

stitch fix lace dress with heels

Under Skies- Rhona Lace Fit & Flare Dress $78

I did not like this dress at all the first time I tried it on, but once I added the belt and heels and it grew on me.  The detail was darling, but I would most likely wear it to a fancy function and since it’s white, weddings are not an option.  If the color would have been different, I would have kept it.  (It would have even been cute with a jacket and boots, like this, but that’s not me.)

stitch fix white blouse

Daniel Rainn- Lara Lace Detail Silk Blouse $78

This blouse has amazing lace detail and I love the light silk material, but again… I gots no boobies and it was too billowy around my bust and under the armpits.  Also, I would never spend almost $80 on a sleeveless any shirt.

Total: 334.00

Styling Fee: -$20

Buy it all discount 25% off: -78.50

New total: 235.50  ...ouch.

If I loved it all and kept it, each piece would average to be just under $50 which I don’t think is unreasonable.  Heck, time is money and ain’t no mommy got time for mall shopping, fitting rooms and returns.

The Easy Part (Part 2)

Checkout and returns took me all of 5 minutes to log in and select whether I was keeping any pieces or returning.   I just had to slip the items in the labeled bag they sent me and drop in any UPS box.  I sadly sent it all back this first time around.

The Hard Part (Part 2)

Now I wait for my next “fix” because I am going to give it one more shot.  I am anxious to see what my stylist chooses for me based on the notes I sent her and changes I made to my style preferences.  Agh!

(If you happen to fill out a style profile, would you use my referral link so I can earn some credit toward my next fix? I would love you forever!)

What piece is your favorite?

Would you like me to share Fix #2?

How do you feel about the prices?

What is your favorite store to shop at for clothing?

Would you describe yourself as a classic girl or daring trendsetter?  Mix of both?

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