8 Ways A Cleanse Is Like A (Necessary) Breakup

In honor of finishing up my 3 Day Refresh Cleanse, I thought this post would be so fitting!


We’ve all had relationships and not all last forever so I am assuming that at least once in your life, you have been through a breakup.  Maybe you haven’t done a cleanse, but in the event that you do, you will realize why a cleanse is like a (necessary) breakup.

You put off doing it even though you know it’s necessary

Cleanse: The thought of having to be on your best behavior and have a game plan can be overwhelming so we wait until we finally realize we NEED to get back on track.

Breakup: No one wants to break someone’s heart!  Sometimes we are tempted to avoid the breakup and drag it out waaaaay longer than it should go on.

You just want to sleep

Cleanse:  Cleansing the body takes a lot of work internally and sleep really helps this process plus you aren’t tempted to eat.

Breakup:  More sleep = less thinking about it.

You are an emotional roller coaster

Cleanse: It’s normal to go through different emotions while your body “cleanses” itself.  It’s the point!

Breakup: Happy it’s over.  Sad it’s done.  Mad he wants another girl.  Worried you said the wrong thing.  Scared you will end up alone.  Been there.  Done that.

You might avoid public events

Cleanse: It’s easier to just stay home and be in control rather than have to practice self control at parties or restaurants.

Breakup: The ridiculous fear of running into your ex keeps you at home for a few days.

You are tempted by junk food

Cleanse: Every tasty morsel in the house taunts you while you drink your shake or nibble on your asparagus stalks.

Breakup: Girls didn’t get a reputation for eating a gallon of ice cream after a breakup for no reason… mmmmmk?!  (Just in case you want to eat an entire gallon, this is a healthier option >> coconut banana ice cream with salted dark chocolate)

You do some soul searching

Cleanse: You have a lot of emotional responses and time to think.  Clarity and creativity come to you in these moments.

Breakup: It’s often time to think about what you really want in the next relationship and what you need to work on.

You feel like a weight has been lifted

Cleanse: You finally make it through and feel lighter, have energy and are ready to tackle the world!

Breakup:  Moving on!  Amen!

You realize it was all worth it

Cleanse: It’s not easy to ignore the fact that you feel better, look better and did something uber healthy for your body.  Good things come to those who wait want it and work for it.

Breakup: As time goes, you can look back and realize that every relationship has taught you something about yourself and there was a reason for the season.

Even if you aren’t ready to do a cleanse, I think you will like this juice recipe from the 3 Day Refresh!  Our whole family enjoyed it for some added fruits and veggies.

Zinger Juice (adapted from: 3 Day Refresh)


  • 1 Medium green apple
  • 2 celery sticks
  • 1 Medium raw carrot


Wash the apple, celery and carrot. Cut the apple into small sections to fit your juicer. Shave and trim the ends of the carrot.
Juice all ingredients and drink immediately. Add 2 slices of fresh ginger for a kick!

If you have cleansed, do you agree?

Have a good breakup story?

Any other funny relations between the two I missed?


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