That Time When Sitch Fix Redeemed Itself

Wow. Today has been quite the whirlwind.  I planned on having this post up earlier, but I got a call this morning stating that the buyer’s for Old House want to close… TOMORROW!  (Inset panic here.)

That means I have to get the last few things from the house, pack up all the papers, fill out more documents ASAP for the loan payoff and this all needs to happen while Quinn naps.  HAHA My life is a trick some days!

But alas, let’s chat about my Stitch Fix dos.  Fix uno is here in case you missed it.

As you saw in the video, I decided to keep the maxi and the double strap button front blouse.  Two great pieces!  I will do another post later on all the ways I plan on wearing these items.  I feel like they are both warm or cold weather staples that can be layered or adorable as a simple style, too!

Let’s chat prices since that seems to be a main concern.

After the first fix, I made some changes to my style profile.  I literally changed everything to “the cheaper the better” and I am so glad I did.  These prices were so much better for my current budget.  I don’t think $40-50 is too much for a piece that I will be able to create many outfits with.  Again, you will see in a later post how I plan to get my money’s worth out of the blouse and maxi.  I also have to remember that I am paying for convenience.  I DON’T HAVE TO: drive to a mall, deal with fitting rooms, take a crabby baby with me or find a sitter, drive back to the store for returns, wait in lines to check out or stop at a bunch of different stores.

Pixley-Gonzalez Double Strap Button-Front Tank $44

stitch fix blouse collageJill Michael Jayden Mini Beaded Bar Necklace $44

stitch fix necklace

Eight Sixty Presly Floral Print Henley Blouse $48

black and white blouse stitch fixI didn’t keep this blouse because it was too large in the bust.  Again, I have no boobs.

halter blouse stitch fix

Pink Martini- Joshua Colored Ankle Jean $44

pink martini ankle pants stitch fix2I didn’t keep these jeans because they were large in the ‘gina region.  Pet peeve of mine!

pink martini ankle pants stitch fixMystree- Max Spaghetti Strap Twin Chevron Print Maxi $54

stitch fix maxi collageTotal: 243.00 (-$20 style fee) (-$53.50 buy it all discount)

New total: 160.50

stitch fix collage2If I had kept everything this would have been $32 per item which would be in my budget.  Since I only kept two items, it was $39 each.  I felt like each of these was worth that much!


What are your thoughts on this fix?

Is there a piece you would add to your closet if it was shipped to you?  Would you send it all back?

Think you want to give it a try?  Use my referral link and you will be my new best friend!  (I would love some credit toward new clothes!  Help a momma out!)

When you make your first purchase with Stitch Fix with my referral link, I get a $25 credit to use on my next Stitch Fix order.  Full disclosure policy.  

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