5 Things I Learned When My Computer Crashed

Remember me telling you about my poor computer crashing?!

It was terrible.

I kept getting a blue screen with a bunch of computer jargon that only Bill Gates would understand.  I tried every option I know as a computer basics pro:


hold down power button

Crtl + Alt + Delete

Ctrl + Alt + Delete (pushing the keys harder and holding longer)

Let the battery run out then plug in and start

Stare at the screen until it gives in to the death stare

Press every function key available


Punch the desk

Talk nicely to the computer promising to take better care of her if she would give me one.last.chance…

Finally I just gave up.  It was time to take her in to the ER.  During the 5 days she was away, I learned a few things about her health and myself.

computer crashed what I learned

Lesson 1: Always seek a professional.  (This does not include the Geek Squad.)

It’s an option to run to Best Buy or other computer stores (if you are one of the unfortunate non-mac owners) and their staff will run a virus scan for you for a fee.  I learned that this is a very simple scan!  Taking your computer to an actual pro will give you a complete extensive scan and which really gets to the root of the problems.  I took mine to Frogtown Computers and Erik ran a scan that took hours to complete.

Lesson 2: When in doubt, hang up.

About a day after my computer crashed, I received a suspicious phone call from a man with an accent.  He asked if I was having computer problems and if I would like to pay for their service to have it fixed.  {CLICK} I hung up immediately.  I told Erik about this and he explained that this is a new scam.  Hackers are trying to get vulnerable people to pay for the fixes and then they crash your computer again until you figure out what is happening.  GET A REAL JOB YOU JERKS!

Lesson 3: Make more time for other things I love to do.

Since I had no computer and my phone just doesn’t cut it for blogging, I decided to tackle a few DIY projects and get nestled into a good book.  Quinn and I went to the Library two days in a row and I couldn’t put down, “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin.  It was nice to get back to my old hobbies I had time for before I started seriously blogging.

Lesson 4: Life goes on.

Wow.  We truly don’t realize how connected we are to our devices and social media until they are stripped from us.  I felt entirely naked.  Once I got over the shock and talked myself out of sending a card and flowers to my sick computer, I noticed I was much more in the moment.  Normally, I am multitasking; trying to work, feed Quinn, and make dinner all at the same time, but I realized it was nice to be unplugged and out of the loop for once.

Lesson 5: Always have a backup.

Thank the Lord (and Erik) my files were not destroyed.   Erik was able to move them off of the computer before he deleted and restored everything.  I don’t know what I would have done if pictures of Quinn were lost, or even some files for blogging and coaching.  My plan for this week is to backup all my images and files in case this ever happens again.

So there you have it!  My life lessons that I hope will help you whether you work online or not.  I am so glad to be back to “work” and have a lot to catch up on, so keep checking back!

Have you ever dealt with a computer catastrophe?

Have you ever lost important files?  How did you deal with it?

What would you make time for if you didn’t have a phone or computer in your face all day?

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