Age Appropriate Chores for Your Baby

I’m not quite sure what is happening to my baby.  She went from cooing and crawling to having conversations and doing chores.

That’s right.

Quinn is 15 months old and she has chores.  Nothing too difficult, but I like giving her a chance to help me and feel proud about helping me.  It’s a great way to work on motor planning, manding and problem solving.  Here are a few things we are doing and you can as a reference or to share with other friends.  Just click !
chores for 15 month old   And just because she is changing so much lately, here is a 15 month update.

She still loves to eat all food.  Including large tomatoes… eaten like an apple.  Or small tomatoes like grapes…quinn tomatoes   She sometimes uses 3-4 word sentences. “What’s that, Momma?”  “Come on, Tazz.”  “Where are you?”

She is starting to understand colors and labeled the letter “A” yesterday.  Uh… I’m still in shock.   Quinn coloring   She LOVES LOVES LOVES animals and animal sounds.  A cat meowing is her favorite the cat’s meow.  

She is a book nerd.  (Apple, meet your mother, tree.)

She wants more independence and will throw a fit if I try to do some things for her.

She is pretending with many toys; pretends a doll is sleeping, pretends to mow the grass and fill up the gas, pretends to feed an animal, etc.quinn wizard of oz

She loves to dance and her favorite Pandora stations are Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Baby Lullabies.

She is a healthy, growing girl and has TEN teeth!

She has been so fun lately with such a spunky personality! I can’t wait to see what she starts doing next.

How old are your little one’s?

At what age did you start chores?

Do you pay your older kids for doing chores?

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