I’ll Pass

If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you will notice that I am into fitness.  I am always on the hunt for new workouts and articles that relate to healthy living.  I also love to post about my experience and things I feel are the best options based on what information I am given.

That being said, I am NOT an expert.  I am not a doctor.  I am not a dietitian.  I am not even a nurse.  The extent of my schooling is Massotherapy which gave me a large base of knowledge about the human body and how it functions, but science is constantly changing and nothing is ever the BEST workout, diet, medicine, therapy let alone for every individual.

So please, don’t dissect this post (pun intended) and start a hate war about Crossfit.  It works for some people and who am I to criticize those who are trying to find a way to be in the best shape of their lives?!  I am just here to tell you why CrossFit doesn’t FIT me.


crossfit reasons

Competitive environment.

Look.  I am all for challenging yourself and pushing beyond what you think you are capable of.  I also have a very competitive spirit with sports and I often find a girl in class who jumps higher and challenge myself to get on her level.  What I am NOT about is competing with extreme workouts.  I think in a situation like CrossFit, competing with yourself should be the only thing you should be worried about and even that shouldn’t happen every workout or you are going to be disappointed; not every workout is going to be your personal best, and you should be okay with that.

High fatigue.

Sore does NOT equal progress.  What I mean by that is you can make huge gains and not experience extreme fatigue and soreness; it is not indicative of a good workout.  Also, coming from a physiological standpoint, extreme fatigue means your body was put under stress.  Muscles are trying to recover, hormones are trying to stabilize and to achieve that, there are many factors that must be on point.  This is why PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES don’t even work out EXTREME from day to day.  They have active recovery days and hire an entire staff to ensure that sleep, nutrition, and other aspects of training are perfect.  Not to mention, the amount of CrossFit goers who are diagnosed with injuries or complications such as Rhabdo (can cause seizures and kidney failure!) are high and that’s only people who realize they have it!  People keep telling themselves, “Oh I am sore from CrossFit because my workout was new/harder,” but something serious can be underlying.  (Maybe why there are numerous lawsuits?!)

Technical movements.

There is absolutely no way that some of the workouts designed for CrossFit can be done incorrectly without injury following.  Handstand pushups?  One small move and your spine is ruined.  Some of the movements require amazing precision and form even without weight added, yet when people are pushing for their PR (personal record) a large amount of weight or reps will be the goal.  It just takes one wrong move for major injuries to occur and it’s NOT worth it!  Even if there is no large injury in an instant, poor form and a smaller range of motion/mobility will lead to problems over time.

All of this just screams “It’s a bad idea” to me.  I have some friends who swear by CrossFit and claim it’s changed their life.  I have other friends who have been injured.  There is no perfect workout and no one is 100% correct, but I would rather be safe than sorry.  I don’t feel like I need to go to this extreme to have a body I love.

What are your thoughts?

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