How To Create A Password Protected Archive On Your Blog

I have something super cool to teach you about if you are a blogger.  And even if you aren’t, you will still appreciate this so scroll to the end!

The scenario:

You sent out an awesome newsletter last month, but new subscribers won’t get that campaign from Mail Chimp since it’s not automation driven.  You still want them to have the content, right?!  But how do you deliver all of that information without bombarding them with emails?

The solution:

There is a way to keep special goodies for your readers and subscribers right here on your blog, but have it password protected.  I am using it for my blog newsletter subscribers so that my best readers, new or old, can have access to all the posts that were exclusively sent out.  You just have to create a password protected page!

So let me show you how to do this since I recently taught myself!

how to create a password archive for blog subscribers

Start by adding a new page.  Hover over “pages” > click “add new.”  Create your title and on the right hand side, select “edit” to change the visibility.  Select “password protected” and enter your password.  I chose “sneaky”

create page and password

Figure out which posts/links/images you want to share.  Here I am going to show you how to add a media file, newsletter link, drop box link and embed a Youtube video.

Add a Mail Chimp newsletter campaign:

Log in to your Mail Chimp account and click “campaigns” on the left sidebar.  Select “details” > select ” campaign archive.”

select campaign archive

This screen will pop up and you could copy the long link, but click “share” and then copy the short URL on the right hand side.

copy short URL

Return to your WordPress page, highlight the text you want for your link and click “insert link.”

add link to newsletter campaign


Paste the text into the URL box and click “add link.”

add link URL to postAdd media:

Decide where you want your media to be placed and click “add media.”  Select the file and click “insert into post.”

add media to archive

Add from drop box:

Log in to your drop box account.  I wanted to add a “file” to my archive so I selected that category.

dropbox files

Select which file you would like to share by clicking the file name.  Click “share” and copy the link to file.

copy link to drop boxHighlight your text you want to link to your Dropbox file.  Click “insert link” and paste the code you copied from Dropbox.  Click “add link.”

add dropbox link to post

Add a video from Youtube:

Log in to your Youtube account.  Go to your channel and video list.  Select the video you want to embed.  Below your video, click ” share” > click “embed.  Copy that code.

copy embed code youtube

Return to your WordPress dashboard and archive page.  Change from visual to Text (HTML) and insert the copied embed code where you want the video to show up.  My embed code is highlighted here so you can see where I wanted it to go.  After you paste that in, switch back to visual mode by clicking the “visual” tab.

paste embed code from youtube into text

Last but not least, preview your archive page by clicking “preview.”  Enter your password and make sure you check your links!

preview your archive preview your password archiveIf everything looks great, you can click publish!

Now you just want to make sure that you include the link for your password archive and THE PASSWORD in your newsletter.  Here is how I did that.  (The URL for your archive is the Permalink found right under your archive page’s title.)

add password to each newsletter

For my non-bloggers, make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already!  This Friday, I am doing another meal plan and grocery list for you including the recipes to make everything.  It only gets sent to my subscribers, and like I shared above, you get my password to all of my exclusive subscriber information.  I can’t wait to keep rewarding my most loyal readers!

Bloggers: How do you reward your subscribers?  Did I teach you something new?

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