Fall Bucket List


We made it to fall.

Unfortunately, this season is too short, followed by our not-long-enough-summers.  I would be perfectly okay with wiping out winter and spring entirely.  You?

I don’t think I am alone when I sit and fantasize about all these dreamy fall things I would do all day (if I didn’t have a child.)  I’m pretty sure we all day dream at one point and have some obligatory Facebook status reading, “I’m so pumped for #PSL!”  Or “I’m ready for cozy sweaters with leggings and boots.”


I love fall just as much and thought Brittany’s post was so cute that I had to make my own.  Here goes nut’n <<See what I did there?!

fall bucket list

+Spend an hour or two at Starbs with a smoking hot, tall, dark and handsome beverage

+Take Quinn to the park for a scavenger hunt

+ Go to the Pumpkin Farm and take family pictures

+ Plan a backyard bonfire date with my husband

+ Wear these Jamberry wraps

+ Make homemade applesauce

+ Eat one (or more) apple fritters

+ Make Quinn’s Halloween costume

+ Decorate our patio for fall/Halloween  <<I’m going to miss my old house.  Sniff sniff.

+ sew curtains for the front living room

+ Make butternut squash and green apple soup

+ Set up my greenhouse for next season

+ Stock up on firewood for our double sided fireplace

+ Go on a nature walk just to take some pictures

+ Have some outdoor fitness pictures taken for the blog

+ Get lost in a book while drinking coffee outside

+ Transition my closet from summer to winter  <<Damnit.

+ Bake a blueberry apple pie

+ Wear a few of my 1,307 fall scarves.  << With a cozy sweater, leggings and boots.

Happy fall ya’ll!

What is on your fall bucket list?


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