How To Edit Old Blog Images (Blog Makeover)

Remember, the theme this week is back.

So I wanted to show you how I am going back to my old posts and updating some things now that I have more experience with blogging.  If you are like me, it’s something that you put off because let’s face it, new sparkling projects catch your attention.  It needs to be done though if you are serious about blogging as a JOB.

Let’s start with a list of things you might want to touch up or even clean up.  <<Katy has an excellent Spring Cleaning list!

  • SEO check
  • Categories/Tags more organized
  • Images need edits
  • Titles that make sense/catchy
  • Fix broken links
  • Sidebar Ads
  • Adding/changing featured images
  • Overall brand cohesiveness- color, font, etc

I’ve been working hard on my images so let’s start there, today and we can always touch on the other things later.  For starters, this is what an old image of mine looks like from my DIY baby food post.

making baby food


Gosh there are so many problems with this!  I’m sure you have “beginner blogger” photos that need help, too.  We all started somewhere!

Here is a guide to fixing your craptastic photos:

Problem 1: Photos are the size of Kim Kardashian’s back side.  <<And by that I mean, ginormous.  So just resize your photo in Picmonkey or another photo editing program to a size that fits your blog.  (For me that is anywhere up to 800 pixels for my theme.)

how to resize image in picmonkey

Problem 2: The photo exposure/staging is poor- You are better now.  Probably not a professional photographer, but you definitely have gained some skills to take better pictures.  You might want to take an entirely new photo, or just edit the crap out of it.  In this case, I just wanted to edit it as best as I could.

before after exposure image editProblem 3: You need to add a watermark.  Adding your mark on photos will create a brand identity for you and make sure that everyone knows who to credit for the awesome image.  Here is a tutorial for adding a watermark using Picmonkey.  You can also just add a text overlay.

DIY baby food blend edited with watermark

Problem 4: Your image description sucks.  When I went back through old photos, I had descriptions like “get in my belly” for a picture of pie and “Do It Yoself” for a DIY wreath.  Just a heads up, but when you want to find an image in your files and use the search, you will NEVER remember what you named the file!  Be descriptive.

descriptive title image edit

Once I am done editing them, I upload the new photos into the post and delete the old.  The new photos are not perfect, but much better.

“Kayla, what apps or tricks do you use for editing your photos?”  I’m so glad you asked because I have favorites, for sure!

Image edits: Snapseed + Afterlight  (See Natalie’s video for an awesome tutorial on using these!)

Adding text overlays: Wordswag + Rhonna Designs

Making cool stuff:

I also like to upload my images to a private Facebook folder so I can send or access them from my phone.  I love to edit pictures while I am laying in bed.  <<Sorry to burst the image bubble of me slaving away on the computer!

Now that you have some guidance, spend one day each month going back through old posts and fixing them up!

Did you learn anything new?

Do you avoid maintenance edits like the plague Ebola?

What are your favorite photo apps?

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