Third Time Is NOT A Charm

I take back what I said.

I owe it to you to be clear about why I am deciding to cancel my Stitch Fix shipments.  I NEVER want to promote something if I am no longer happy with it.  I just don’t think it’s right to tell you a love a product or service if I really don’t.

So I’m sending it BACK and here’s why…

After three shipments, I added very few pieces to my wardrobe and didn’t feel like I solved any of the problems I had with my current fashion stitchuation.  <<Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job.  Problems not solved:

  • Needed a wardrobe update
  • Looking for unique pieces
  • Fix my flat or draw attention elsewhere

Ideally,  I would love Stitch Fix more if…

  • There was no styling fee.  I mean my stylist was a big fat waste of my money this month…she sent me a navy stripe dress because “she saw a dress that was similar on my Pinterest board.”  Ummm…. it was my pin of the dress I KEPT from Stitch Fix last month!  Grrr….
  • I had longer than 3 days to try on the pieces and decide.  Find me a woman who likes making any decision in three days and I will give you a cookie.
  • I was able to select favorite fits with more detail: like yes or no to peplum/empire waist/low rise/etc
  • We were able to do a quick video chat with our stylist or even have the same stylist each month.

Tell me how you are feeling about all the Stitch Fix talk!

In case you missed this week of posts themed BACK, you can read them here.

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