Gym Date : Swole Mate

I’m sure you have seen this quote floating around online somewhere in your feed.

fitness like marriage

It made me think of how many more similarities there are between fitness and relationships.  Quite a few… okay, too many.

You might be shy at first 

Fitness – Ever visit a new gym or jump in a new class and attempt to hide in the back?  Don’t lie.

Relationship – Nervous about holding hands or that first kiss?

It’s fun to double date 

Fitness – Hello accountability partner!

Relationship – Bringing friends along means more fun!

kiss cozumel honeymoon

It won’t be perfect overnight

Fitness – If you are trying something new, it might take some practice to learn the moves.

Relationship – You will never find the perfect spouse, but as time goes you can work on little things that irk you.  <<Sorry, Rob, but I am not going to stop leaving socks in every room of the house.

What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy

Fitness – Lose the weight quick and it’s probably just a fad.  Creating healthy habits is going to last a lifetime.

Relationship – If you are in it for the long haul, you better plan on putting in some effort.  Some days are NOT easy.

You can’t wait to spend time together

Fitness – I am already looking forward to my workout tomorrow.  You?

Relationship – You just miss your other half so much when you are away.

couple workout

You feel happier

Fitness – Exercise increases a release of dopamine that makes you feel pleasure.

Relationship – This one is obvious.

You might find a soul mate

Fitness – You aren’t going to like every workout, but you might find 1-2 that you LOVE!  <<For me, it’s 21 Day Fix and PiYo.

Relationship – We date to find Mr or Mrs Right!

Rob and I

You have highs and lows

Fitness – Some days your workouts just suck and others leave you wanting more.

Relationship – Some days you want to kill them and others you want to kiss them.

Things can get stale

Fitness – Day after day of the same workout can leave you bored.  <<Stuck in a rut?  Here’s a few tips!

Relationship – After a long time together, you might have to make a point to do special things and keep the spark alive.

gym kiss

You want to tell everyone about it

Fitness – Posting your workout on social media?  Inviting friends to come with you?  Sharing your progress pics and results?  Guilty.

Relationship – You can’t stop talking about him/her and how great things are.

Your reflection might change

Fitness – One day at a time, you are making some big changes in your appearance.

Relationship – You might dress a little better, change your hairstyle or wear more/less makeup to please your other half.

Rob and I

Your anxiety and stress is eased

Fitness – Working out releases hormones that combat stress and anxiety.

Relationship – Your other half can be a shoulder to lean on. “I’m here for you,” and “It will be okay,” go a long way.

You have more confidence

Fitness – As your body transforms, you will feel stronger, more independent and more confident.

Relationship – Sometimes you just need someone to love you and tell you that you are great.

Any other similarities I missed?  

Do any of these hit home?

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