Sailing on The “Gain” Boat In A Sea of “Losers”

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you know at LEAST 3o people who want to lose weight.

Am I right?

Weight loss isn’t just a fad, it’s necessary these days.  As a country, our population is overweight and our children are alarmingly obese.  It’s sad, but true.  So while everyone is trying or even just wishing to lose weight, were do us gainers fit in?

It’s been my goal for a while now to continue to put on weight by adding muscle mass and though I am making progress, I have to be very aware of my workouts and nutrition so I don’t sabotage myself unintentionally.  Even as a Beachbody coach, I usually have to tweak my workouts so that my results are aligned with my goals.  Let me explain more.

-From 21 Day Fix to Insanity, most of our Beachbody programs are designed to help you lose weight and tone up.

-Most foods at the store are packaged as “weight loss” friendly. 

-Shakeology is a wonderful supplement, but it is geared to help you get a nutritionally dense meal with a lower amount of calories. 

So how do I use these and still gain?

+ Add weight and speed to larger muscle groups.  Instead of going slower or taking breaks, some days I like to really crank it up and incorporate metabolic training to stimulate hormone production.

Here is an example of a routine I will be incorporating this week.

+ Dump stuff in Shakeology.  And by stuff I mean nutrient dense foods such as avocado, coconut flakes, almonds, plain Greek yogurt, pumpkin, fruit, etc.  These extra mix-ins can make Shakeology higher in calories, but aren’t junk fillers.

Try this recipe: 1 scoop Shakeology, 1 banana, 2 T toasted coconut flakes, 1/4 cup Greek yogurt (water and ice)

+ Eat more.  It boils down to calories in vs calories out.  So I eat more (clean foods) so that my body can fuel and repair muscle so I can put on mass.

Need meal ideas?  I have a FREE printable ebook!  Subscribe with your email and you will get the password to download it.  Adding more recipes, soon!

+ Do less aerobic cardio.  I notice when I do too much aerobic cardio that my weight drops quickly.  I tend to stick to HIIT training which is anaerobic training instead.  This is when I incorporate TurboFire, T25 or other HIIT workouts I find online.

Here’s one for you to do at home!

So far, the biggest changes I am noticing are in my glutes, thighs and shoulders.  I actually got excited this week that my thighs were touching when I was standing in the kitchen.  Rob thinks I am crazy…

I will keep you updated on my progress and later this week, I’m going to share some foam rolling basics for those of you who had questions on Facebook.

Are you a gainer or a loser?  (haha… don’t be afraid to be a loser!  We all know you ROCK!)

What is your favorite type of training right now: metabolic, HIIT, cardio, strength, yoga, etc?

Are you a HIIT fan or do you prefer regular ol’ cardio?


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