WIN for the WIN! {de-funk your fitness apparel}

**This post is sponsored by Sweat Pink/Fit Approach on behalf of WIN Detergent.  It’s my policy to make you aware of work that I have received compensation for.  As always, my opinions are 100% honest and all my own. **

I swear all I do is laundry.

Between Rob’s uniform, Quinn’s everything, our day clothes AND workout clothes, it never ends.  I am dreading the day I have more laundry with game uniforms.

But if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

WIN green

We have been using WIN High Performance Sports Detergent for a few weeks now in an attempt to defunk our workout gear and Rob’s work vest.  <<That thing is GROSS!  It sits on his skin all day, most days of the week and can get super sweaty after he has a chase.  Yuck.

I just throw in our gear and wash with warm water then tumble dry low.

WIN detergent

A few ways we are winning with WIN detergent:

+ It smells fantastic.  I even forgot to add fabric softener to the first load and the clothes still smelled so fresh!

+ None of us are having skin reactions to using a new detergent.

+ Quinn’s blanket smells fresh longer.  The kid chews on her blanket to fall asleep so it gets wet and stinky!

+ Our sport clothing will be preserved longer which I love because we buy A LOT of it.

Why it works:

Sports gear is made with synthetic fibers and moisture wicking materials so even though water is repelled, it tends to attract oils.  When these oils are locked in your clothing, it makes one stinky marinated mess.  WIN detergent is formulated specifically for these types of fabrics and oils so that it actually gets clean.  (Typically, your normal store bought detergents are formulated for cotton rather than your fitness apparel.)

I can’t help but laugh…

Do you have any fit friends or parents of kids who get sweaty often?  Share this with them! 

If you spend money on quality workout gear, you should really focus on taking care of it and preserving the material to get the full life span.  Try WIN detergent for yourself with my giveaway!  Also, make sure you are subscribed here at Variety by Vashti, because I have a subscriber exclusive coupon code for you here.
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Do any of you have kids in sports?

What is your least favorite part about laundry?  Mine is folding T-shirts or sorting!

Do you or your spouse like to sweat hard?

Does your job have special gear that needs to be de-stinkified?

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