Moderation > Deprivation

moderation with candy

Ouch. It’s that time of year again.

“Eat the Halloween candy, but in moderation.”

“Enjoy all the comfort food at holiday parties, but in moderation.”

“Want Christmas cookies?  Have some within moderation.”

Over the next few months you are going to hear the word “moderation” so many times it’s not even moderately funny.  I am all for moderation because moderation > deprivation (which leads to binging.)  So while I say  GO FOR IT, I also want to make sure you understand what moderation looks like for you.  Here’s an example: moderation for someone who drinks pop most days of the week is entirely different for someone who drinks a pop once a month.

If moderation looks different on everyone, how can you be sure that you are making the best choices for yourself?


Before you begin, you need to know where to start.  In order to “moderate” your snacking, you need to be aware and HONEST with yourself about your normal, every day eating habits.  Ask yourself these questions.

What is it that I want to enjoy in moderation?

How often do I normally enjoy this or other similar things?

How much do I normally consume in a day/week/month?

Why do I want to moderate this item?

Now that you have a starting point,  here are a few tips!

Try swapping quality – I love Reese’s like none other, but I find ways to get the same flavor and feeling of indulgence without actually binging on the real thing.  Is there a way you can swap your sinful item for something slightly less damaging?  For me, I make these Peanut Butter Shakeology cups, Frozen Shakeology Bars, or Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream when I need a fix.

Plan ahead – You have this giant stockpile of Kit Kats now and could literally eat the entire bowl in one day.  (This is me talking to myself.) So instead of leaving the entire bowl out, have your allowance plan in your head and just leave out that many.  Once you see them gone, you will likely forget about them.

Pencil it in -Look at upcoming parties.  If you know you have Thanksgiving dinner coming and your favorite indulgence is pumpkin pie then set a date.  Knowing that your it’s your “cheat meal” is coming will help you veer away from anything else that is tempting during the week.

Use a number for frequency – Are you going to enjoy a pop once a week?  How about once a month?  Decide on how often you will indulge and give it a specific number.

Use a size/number for portion – Let’s be real.  A fun sized Kit Kat is very different from the regular or Giant size.  Decide on your portion AND how many of that portion you are going to have.

Write it down – Once you have a plan with some numbers just jot it down.  I have a tentative game plan on my fridge each week or sometimes I write it in my planner.  Something simple like: NO MORE THAN 1 CUP OF COFFEE EACH DAY THIS WEEK – or “If you want another cup of coffee then you drink it black or switch to tea.”  #TheStruggleIsReal

Use the if/then rule – I love this rule.  It works like this: “If I feel like I want to have another cookie, then I will have a bowl of fruit instead.”

Remember your WHY – I realize this isn’t an official way to keep your moderation in check, but it can help you mentally when you are struggling.  WHY did you want to cut back in the first place?  Are you trying to look better for your upcoming vacation?  Are you wanting to hit some new fitness goals?

So what’s your game plan?

And just for fun, here is Quinn’s Halloween costume.  She actually fell asleep before Trick or Treating so we let her catch up, but these pics were taken at the Olander Halloween Hike.  Her poor hair could have been better, but try explaining to a 16 month old why she is getting sprayed pink!

troll doll custome DIY troll doll costume

I ordered the nude bodysuit from Amazon.  Snagged some gems from Hobby Lobby to glue on her belly and used the spray hair color and she was set to go!Quinn troll collage

What did you dress up as?

What did your kids go as?  Wait, let me guess… Elsa?! 🙂

Do you prefer to DIY costumes or just grab from the store?


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