Forcing Myself To Relax

Oh my gosh!

It’s been too long since I have posted.  But I have to say, I needed the break.

As you know, Quinn was not well and I started feeling a slight tinge of the flu.  Or maybe I’m pregnant, in which case, both are no bueno right now! haha (No, I’m NOT pregnant.)

On Wednesday, I had an awesome workout at PiYo and I am noticing a pattern that I want to touch on.  At the end of class, our instructor gives us 10ish minutes to do some poses that make us feel great or just lay there like a dead chick and breathe in our calming rice bags she leaves out for us.

Wait.  I didn’t tell you about this?!  Yeah.  My PiYo instructor rocks, but I still wish I had Katy.

So while I lay there, I become consumed with thoughts and CAN NOT relax.

This is a huge problem for me and always has been.

I am an active busy body that bops around like I snorted protein powder and red bull.  Literally.  If I have nothing to do, I don’t know what to do with myself.

It’s my goal this week to take 10 minutes out of each day to shut down and see how I feel.  Especially lately because my itching is back.  More to come later on that issue and what I think the problem is.  But seriously… what happened to the girl who used to take hour long baths?  Oh yeah, I became a MOM and there is no time for that anymore.

Quinn fall 14

As the default parent, I am constantly consumed mentally:  <<P.S. best parenting post I’ve ever seen. So go read it.

Remember to grab milk.  Don’t forget to dry the clothes in the washer.  Even remembering the last place I saw Quinn’s sippy cup or how many refills of wipes we have left.

It’s like my entire day is a mental checklist.

And then there is the DOING part.  I am always picking something up, wiping something sticky, walking from room to room, carrying bags or child… you get the idea.  And that’s not including blogging and working.  It’s no wonder my head doesn’t spin like the exorcist.  It’s not even funny how many tabs I have open on my computer at one time.

unload dishes

So when I finally sit down to relax, I can’t.  I’m still wired.  There’s only so much a glass of wine can do for a girl.

mommy's time out

I’m going to try this 10 minute wind down for a full week and see how it works for me.  I might find a mantra to repeat over and over or just count and breathe.  It’s the only way I can NOT focus on my thoughts.  I might even use some essential oils and do some yoga poses.  We’ll see and I will keep you posted!

What helps you relax?

Are you the default parent?




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