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**Disclosure Policy: I am working with Pro Compression for this post.  I received a pair of Ragnar Compression Socks to review.  It is always my style to bring you reviews with 100% honest opinons about products that I feel will benefit your life.**

Lately, I have really been crushing my leg day.

And by crushing I mean making my legs tired.

And by tired I mean wobble and shake.

I noticed that I was a little extra sore, which is normal for pushing myself harder and trying some new moves.  I was told that compression socks might help with recovery, but I scoffed the idea thinking, “Yeah right.  It’s just a fashion obsession that marathon runners have.  They ALLLLLL wear those socks!  Not my style!”

Recently, I have been experiencing a flare up of what I am self diagnosing as Restless Leg Syndrome.  I get it all over my body and it started when I was pregnant with Quinn, but continues to come and go still.  On my third night of barely sleeping, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I decided I would try the PRO Compression socks and see if I felt any different even if I felt like I looked ridiculous with them on.

Pro Compression socks

Here are my socks and I’ve been wearing them for about two weeks now.  I can definitely tell a difference; I had ZERO soreness after leg day this past week.  I also feel a bit more energetic and lighter on my feet.  I almost wish I was pregnant so I could see how they feel!  I love that they are thick enough to give me the pressure, but thin enough to breathe.  My legs almost felt like a fan was blowing on them; cool and airy.

PRO Compression Socks

Once I was able to test how they feel, I wanted to learn more.  Like you, I had some questions:

How long am I supposed to wear them?

Is there a best time? (pre workout, during, post workout, other)

Is the sock or sleeve better?

What types of people do they benefit?

What is the science behind the compression sock?

I did some research of my own because 1) I’m a nerd 2) I like to distract myself from my to-do list 3) I wanted to get the most benefit from wearing them.

What I learned:

You can wear compression socks all day and just take them off at night.  General rule of thumb to wear them anytime your legs are below your heart.  The sock and sleeve are slightly different, but it all boils down to personal preference.  I would rather just wear a sleeve, but outdoor fitness might mean you want a special dry sock with a sleeve instead.

It seems to me that compression socks benefit pretty much everyone.  It’s not that you NEED them, but you definitely could be much better with them in your life.  Answer these questions:

Are you a nurse?  Do you travel often?  Are you an athlete or fitness lover?  Do you have an office job?  Do you stand for long periods of time while at work? Are you pregnant?  Do you notice that your legs ache or swell?   Are you a hairstylist?  Do your legs get tired easily?  Do your legs ever feel sore?  Does your job require you to drive a lot?  Are you a teacher?  Pharmacist?  Welder?  Human?

Okay, obviously you are human.  But seriously, these socks could make you feel so much better!

And here is the basic science behind wearing PRO Compression socks or sleeves.

If you feel like compression socks might be the way to go, you can snag this coupon code: BLG14 for 40% OFF marathon socks or sleeves from PRO Compression!  That is a huge savings!  It really helps when you aren’t sure you want to invest in compression socks or sleeves.  It’s worth a try with that price!

But you can also enter to win your own pair here!  PRO Compression is letting me choose 1 winner to receive a marathon sock or sleeve from their site.  How cool is that!?

PRO Compression Sock Giveaway

I’m so curious to hear your thoughts since I was EXTREMELY skeptical.

Do you use compression socks or sleeves?

If you haven’t tried them yet, why not?  

Do know someone who would love these?  Grab them as an xmas gift or share my giveaway so they can win a pair!

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