5 Reasons I Need A Trainer (Even Though I’m A Fitness Coach)

As I mentioned the other day, I am starting a new fitness journey!

The New Year is right around the corner and while most people just binge and party during the Holiday season, I want to start focusing.  It makes the transition so much easier once resolution season comes!  I decided I wanted to work with Mike instead of continuing to train on my own so that I can have the whole package: fitness, nutrition AND support.

“But aren’t you a Beachbody Coach?

Don’t you know enough about fitness to do this on your own?

Aren’t you already fit?”

Yep.  All of that is true.  But there are a few reasons that I looked past those facts and decided to work 1:1 with a personal trainer at Fitness 4 All.

1) Sometimes I only give 80%.

Oops.  {Sigh}  I know… But it hurts, you guys!  Well, I have been pushed harder in my sessions with Mike than I have EVER been pushed.  I’m giving 100% because I have someone right there, in my face, telling me that I have more to give.  He will know if I am cheating and I don’t get to stop because I finished my reps (what I do on my own) but instead I get to stop when I am hitting failure.  Without Mike there, I definitely wasn’t pushing myself to that point.

2) Sometimes I don’t want to think about it.

I’m going to be honest.  I’m lazy.  I have so many great workout ideas, but it takes effort and planning to plug in exercises to workout routines (that actually work) or come up with meal plans.  In fact, sometimes on the way to the gym, I don’t even know what I am going to do that day.  I hate that feeling and it always ends up being my crappiest workout.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail, but I don’t always want to plan.  Mike designed all of my new workouts and we wrote them down to use for the next few weeks.  (And Kayla’s brain cells said, “Amen.”)

3) Sometimes I feel bored.

After years of being active and working out/eating clean, I go through ruts just like you do.  I get sick of doing the same exercises.  I get sick of eating chicken.  Mike has been able to show me a ton of different exercises, meal ideas and how to put it all together.  Bam… Boredness gone!  When I start to feel bored again, he is right there to design something new.  It’s his job!

4) Sometimes I need a cheerleader.  <<Sorry, Mike!

My build workouts are tough.  I am lifting to failure and may or may not be cussing.  It’s nice to have someone tell me I am doing it right and my hard work is going to pay off.  Doesn’t that make you feel good when you hear it?!

5) Sometimes Most of the time I am not an expert.

While I like to think that I know enough about fitness and nutrition to get the results I want, I have to be honest with myself and realize I am not a pro.  Mike and the trainers at Fitness 4 All have studied this and are certified.  Mike has trained people on weight loss, weight gain, sports performance, figure competitions and more.  If there is anyone I want fit-bossing me around for an hour, it’s him.

Without further delay…. the dreaded before pictures.

(I realize that some people might be very annoyed or frustrated when I am posting these “before” pictures, but remember that EVERYONE has a starting point. The only way to really see progress is to snap some pics for yourself. I encourage you to do it every month NO MATTER your fitness level.)

before front flex before back flex right side left side

My current goals are honestly just to build.  I really need to focus on the hamstrings, glutes, but also making sure that I am proportionate.

I like to find pictures online of what I’m working toward because I am a visual person.  By spring, I would like to have more shape and a lower body fat percentage.  I don’t want my abs this defined, but rather a softer look.

goal 2

Right now, Mike has me eating differently than I have ever eaten in my life.  The main idea is to feed my muscles so I can build.  I might gain 15 lbs in the process, but come spring, I will go back to a lean phase and change my nutrition again.  I will get to more on that later and share some recipes!

Trust the process.  Trust the trainer.

Keep checking back for more posts!  This is going to be fun!

Do you work with a trainer?  

Which of my reasons for using a trainer is similar to how you feel?

Do you dread before pictures?

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**Disclosure:  I am partnering with Fitness 4 All to bring you this series of posts.  Through this partnership, I was given free sessions in exchange for highlighting and writing about my training experience at Fitness 4 All.  All opinions are 100% honest and my own.  If you have questions about working with Mike or any of the trainers, please contact the owners and managers here.  You can also read my full disclosure policy here.

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