Photography Tips: Season of Sparkle

I told myself I was NOT going to pay for a photographer this season.

I have this fancy and very expensive camera and I always default on having my photography savvy friends snap our special moments, but I need to get better at using my camera.

Of course, it’s nice to have someone capture us as a family, but this year I wanted to try a few things I saw on Pinterest and take some holiday pictures of Quinn.  I played with many settings on my camera and I still am not 100% sure of what I did because I am NO expert.  But I bet you can take these tips and run with them even if you are a beginner like myself.

3 Steps to the Perfect Holiday Photo (for beginners who know nothing about their fancy shmancy camera)

Use Pinterest to find a setting another photographer has posted.  I used these two pin images to start with.

holiday photography photographing christmas lights

This site has a few tips on placement of your kiddo vs the scenery (tree).   Jill also shares how she used her bed to create the perfect setting for a bright twinkle background.  So cute!

Tweak your settings and play.  Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to take hundreds of pictures just to get the ONE that makes your heart sparkle.  Plus, this is how you learn.  Practice makes perfect!  It took a lot of these…

quinn lights

To get these…

christmas pictures

Edit to get it just right.  I like using Afterlight on my phone or Picmonkey on my computer.  You don’t NEED fancy software!

finish holiday photos quinn lights 2

Upload to make the perfect card to send out this season!


I’ve been seeing many engagement announcements on Facebook!  This time of year can be so romantic and a great way to announce your new status.  The Minted Save the Date Card collection could make your announcement  or save-the-date cards even more perfect!  Here are my favorites (AKA cards that distracted me from the Christmas design I’m working on for our family):

Meet in the Middlemeet in the middle

 New Adventures

new adventures

Gold Rush – the foil really shines!

gold rush

From save-the-dates to birth announcements, Minted has it all.  And it’s all so darling!

little christmas

I can’t wait to send out the card I made tonight!  I will give you a hint… I picked a foil design!

Do you prefer to take your own pics or hire a photographer?

Do you use an online design site to create your cards and announcements?

What is one camera accessory you would love to get for Christmas?  <<I want a tripod!

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