Nutrition Plan for Building Lean Muscle

When Mike and I sat down to talk nutrition for this bulking phase, it was like culture shock to me.  I have been eating clean for a long time now, but counting macros and watching portions.

All that was out the window.

I had to make some big changes, but it’s been easy adjusting.  Before we get into that, let me explain WHY I am eating so differently.  My goal right now is to put on more muscle mass and in order to do so, I need to eat A LOT of protein and clean carbs with little fats.  (My metabolism needs to slow down and healthy fats would keep it revving.)

This is going to make me a little “fluffy” and gain some weight.  It’s a total mind f#ck because I am slowly seeing my abs hibernate, but after I bulk, the goal will be to drop my body fat percentage to get the lean look.  Here’s some simple muscle math.

muscle math

So it’s a two part process: bulk phase, burn phase.  End result will be a sculpted summer bikini ready body!

Now, on to the good stuff.  This is what Mike and I discussed based on my goals, measurements, weight, etc.  (This is why you NEED a trainer; you get a personalized plan and the support to do it right!)  We sat down and planned it all out, and I’ve even had to text him a few many times to make sure I am doing it right.

Print or Pin so you have this for reference!

nutrition for building muscle

what to eat for muscle gain

When to eat – General rule of thumb for slowing my metabolism is to eat as soon as I wake then every 2-3 hours after.  My protein shake should be consumed immediately after my workout to restore my glycogen levels.  Cottage cheese is always saved as my pre-bed snack ONLY. This is a total of 6 meals per day.

How much to eat – At EVERY meal/snack, I need to be eating protein + carb and can also add in veggies.   As long as my protein and carbs are about equal (little more carbs than protein) and I have around 150 g per day, I’m good!

Supplementing – I use two shakes a day to supplement.  The first shake of the day I use as my workout recovery.  I mix 1 cup coconut water with 1/2 scoop Results & Recovery + 1 scoop Body Beast Base Shake.  This is a creamy orange deliciousness!  It has definitely helped with soreness and quick recovery.

My second shake is Shakeology and I usually mix in plain 0% Greek yogurt and some plain oats for a boost of protein and carbs.  Sometimes I also add in hemp hearts.

I have to be honest and say that I love that I don’t have to count and I am ALWAYS full.  It’s pretty basic!  <<I can live with that!  Again, this is ideal if you are trying to add muscle mass, but you should work with a trainer at Fitness 4 All to talk about YOUR nutritional needs and goals.

protein oatmeal

BONUS:  If you are a subscriber, I am going to pass along 4 more of my go-to meals that are working for the whole family.  If you know me, you know I hate to make separate meals for each of us.  These also save me time (fix it and forget it) so I don’t feel like I am always meal prepping.  If you haven’t already subscribed, you can do that here.

What area would you love to see more muscle definition?

Which do you struggle with more: fitness or nutrition?

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