How to FAIL Proof Your Resolution

printables for new years resolution goals

New Year’s Resolutions are all the rage.  Every year, we see a flock of gym newbies, diet fads and spiking sales of fitness gear.

Everyone wants their best year yet.

And so should you!  I am 100% a go for setting New Year’s Resolutions, but I want you to actually follow through!  I’ve had my fair share of failures with NYRs so let me help you learn through my mistakes.

DON’T CHANGE IT ALL AT ONCE- Trying to be perfect or tackle too many goals at once will be overwhelming.  Cut yourself some slack.  If you want to make healthy habits, make small changes until you have them mastered and then move on.  This is why in my printable calendar, I have a space each month for a goal.  After tackling 12 small goals, you will likely achieve the BIG one you yearn for.

New Year's Resolutions Printables

DON’T DIET- Don’t focus on cutting everything out, but rather on what you put in.  Start eating MORE clean food.  Yes, I said more.  Your body needs fuel in the form of nutrient dense foods.

DON’T SET GOALS TOO HIGH- It might be ideal to workout 6 days a week, but let’s be real.  Even 3 or 4 days of a quality workout and eating right will be a step in the right direction.  Be realistic.

DON’T OVER PLAN (OR UNDER PLAN)-  Don’t plan so much that you waste time planning or start to be annoyed.  Also, don’t forget to plan.  Just jotting down a rough sketch for the week will help you make healthier choices.  Don’t sweat it too much.  (Pun intended)

DON’T THINK YOU ARE AN EXPERT- It’s okay to NOT know everything you need to reach your goals.  Reach out!  I did recently and am seeing HUGE changes.  <<More about that here.  If you don’t feel like learning something from another person, at least get online and teach yourself something new.

DON’T RUSH RESULTS- Patience is a virtue.  It takes time to lose weight.  It takes time to gain weight.  It doesn’t happen overnight and if you rush it, you are likely sacrificing your health in the process.  If you think you aren’t seeing results, you might want to read this post.

DON’T FORGET TO THINK OF A REWARD-  Your WHY is the #1 reason you want this so badly.  Unfortunately, you might not attain such a huge reward until multiple baby steps are taken.  Each week or month, think of a small reward that will help fuel your fire to keep going.  I like rewarding myself with a new workout top or office toys I want.

And just to get you started, I created a year’s worth of workout calendars, plus grocery list and meal planning sheet.  Download, save and print these to get started on your NYR!

New Year's Resolutions Printables

Just click here to download!

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I’m not going to lie.  If I can get away with wearing my fit fashion all day, everyday, I would.  It’s way more comfortable and convenient for my life as a busy, fit crazed mom.  It’s rare that I wear “normal” clothes anymore so I tend to purchase trendy and fun fit wear.

Shoes are 100% included in that category.  Must be fashionable AND versatile.

The Asics Gel -Fit Sana is NOT just my gym shoe.

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It’s my “chasing a crazy toddler” shoe.

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My “I’m not making more than one trip” shoe. asics gel fit sana 4

And my “I could cook all day in these things!” shoe.  (Also known as my “forgot I was wearing shoes until it’s time to crawl in bed” shoe.)

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I am so pleased with how the Asics Gel-Fit Sana helps me tackle my day BEYOND my workout.  They have quickly become my favorite shoe for many reasons.  Watch this quick video!  I share why I love them and my favorite features.

The Asics Gel-Fit Sana comes in a few other colors; my favorite is the navy and mint!  Please note, these are not meant to be running shoes.

 What small goal can you tackle this week?  (How about printing these and filling them in?!)

Do you have any shoe pet peeves?  (I can’t stand when the tongues move!)

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