Things I’ve Learned Since DIY’ing My First Media Kit + FREE Printable

How to make your media kit shine with what I've learned since creating my first.  Still DIY, still FREE!

It’s been almost a year since I created my first media kit seen here.

Tutorial: How to DIY a media kit in Microsoft Word

I posted about making your media kit in Microsoft Word here.  I was just starting out and had little money to invest.  Instead of hiring someone to design it for me, I put in the elbow grease and made it myself.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve polished off a new media kit in about 30 minutes!

How to DIY a media kit using canva


I’ve learned a few things about making a media kit shine and the in-betweens.  Let me teach you a some of my favorite tricks you need to know.  Trust me, I wish I knew this a year ago!

1. Stats Sheets

A way to track your growth

What I use now: Just A Girl And Her Blog Stat Sheet Printable
What I’ve used in the past: nothing

I print these and keep them right in front of my face.  I update them every two weeks so that when I need to send my media kit, I have the numbers ready to update quickly.  There are a ton of printables out there, but I am currently using Just A Girl And Her Blog sheets.

Printable Blog sheets (Password + Stats) via Just A Girl And Her Blog

2. Task Management

A way to track your potential promotions

What I use now: Promotion Tracker Printable
What I’ve used in the past: a messy array of sticky notes, Microsoft Excel

Once you begin sending out your media to brands you want to work with, you will need some sort of tracking system.  It’s useful to keep notes on where you stand with the brand/company as well as their contact information, follow up date, etc.  You can download this one I made just for you!  (It’s FREE!)  Now, start filling it in!

FREE printable promotion opportunity tracker to use when sending out media kit


3. Graphic Design Software

A software site that helps you create a media kit that shines

What I use now: Canva
What I’ve used in the past: Microsoft Word

Canva is seriously heaven sent.  It’s pretty much drag and drop, but everything can be customized: fonts, colors, transparency, uploading your own images, etc.  I also love that you can use any of the Canva images for just $1.  What a life saver for a just-starting-out-and-I’m-broke blogger!  Here is a shot of what my screen looked like while I was playing.

what making a media kit in canva looks like

4. Branding Your Media Kit

A way to add sparkle to your media kit

What I use now: Canva, Paint, Adobe Color CC
What I’ve used in the past: Picmonkey, Gimp, Paint

It’s very important to keep a consistent “look” to your work.  Your media kit appears much more professional when it matches the design of your blog.  I realize that you might not be a design expert, but there are a few things you can do to make your media kit design parallel your blog.

You can see on my new media kit that I still incorporate my header from my blog.  I just took a screen shot, added it to Paint, cropped and saved it.  Then I uploaded the new image into Canva and adjusted it at the top.

How to DIY a media kit using canvaThe Adobe Color Wheel is fun to play with and would be great for choosing colors for your blog.  I used it to find colors as close to my blog theme as possible and then I wrote down the HEX code.  In Canva, you can select colors and customize by using a HEX code.  It helps you make sure that all of your work is consistent which really stands out to brands!

HEX color code from Adobe Color Wheel can be used to make sure your blog is always consistent with the same color

5. Go for it!

A super awesome attitude that results in amazing opportunities

I was so scared at first to start reaching out to brands that I wanted to work with.  I was nervous that I would be rejected or not be “big” enough to grab their attention.  I started small and as the year went on, I gained so much momentum.  I’m not scared anymore and companies/brands have even started to contact me.  It all started with a “go for it” attitude.  Believe in yourself!

If you are in the process of making your media kit, I want to know which of these has helped you the most!  If you use Canva or Microsoft Word to make your media kit and want to share it for an upcoming post here, please email me!  varietybyvashti {at} gmail {dot} com

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