Fit Tip Friday: Two-A-Day Workouts Delaying Your Progress?

Fit Tip Friday |

I’ve always been a 5-6 day a week gym go-er or home do-er until now.

My new fitness schedule has been such a change from what I was used to doing and I cringed just thinking about taking days off in between my workout sessions with Mike: “Three days a week is all I want you doing.  If you want to do a 4th day, you can do abs, glutes, and calves.”

Um, whaaaaat?!

Who goes this Mike guy think he is?  He clearly doesn’t understand that I need to be in the gym or working out to maintain a stable amount of sanity.

Well, here I am and I have never seen so much progress!  In just the short amount of time I have been training with Mike, I’ve gained about 4 inches, gained 3 pounds and kept the same amount of body fat.  This means I am finally packing on muscle!  This is what I was trying to do all along.

So why did Mike tell me to cut way back on my workouts?

Won’t working out 5-6 days a week help me?  If I double up my workouts, won’t I add muscle faster?

Myth: Two-A-Days will get you results faster.

Not necessarily.  You might actually be delaying progress even more!

Muscles need recovery time especially when you are pushing them to the max.  My glycogen levels (and yours, too) need time to replenish.  Hormones need time to balance back out.  Blood needs to repair the muscle tissue you just destroyed.

So much is happening in there!

How do I cope?!

This does somewhat depend on your goals, but if you MUST do two workouts in a day, try keeping one lighter and definitely don’t target the same muscle groups again that same day.  I also would never suggest that you do two HIIT workouts a day.  HIIT in the morning and ab work in the afternoon?  Fine.  Isolate chest/back lifting in the morning then spinning in the evening?  That’s fine, too.

I also try to keep in mind that sleeping and taking extra time to prepare meals is just as important as my workout.  So on days I really miss hitting the weights, I try to focus my attention there.

So let me ask you…

Do you workout twice a day because you feel like you have to?

Do you balance the intensity of your two-a-days?

What would you replace a workout with to continue seeing results?

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