Butt Camp: Free Guide to Transform Your Back Side

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I’m pretty sure you realize that 2014 was the year that we all focused on the booty.  From “All About that Bass” to Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, booty was on everyone’s mind.

Including mine!

I’ve been working hard on building a booty and I was so excited with the changes that I’m seeing.  It would just be cruel to keep all of this to myself.

Butt Camp was born out of my desire to show that even in a small amount of time we can have some results with shaping our glutes, when we have a plan and some guidance and are willing to do the WORK.

butt camp ebook

So I have been secretly (okay, I can’t keep secrets) working on this FREE ebook for you!

You should download this ONLY if you want to:

  • build a butt
  • lift your tush
  • rock your jeans
  • look great in your swimsuit
  • look great in your birthday suit

You get the idea.

butt camp ebook (1)You can do the workouts when you choose and there are three to pick from.  I have a schedule and the routine all mapped out for you.  Just pick which one you want to do on which day.  I even have pictures of each exercise and guide you through proper form.

Butt Camp:  Free ebook to build, lift and transform your backside | Varietybyvashti.orgI also have space for you to track your progress and note the awesome changes you will be seeing.

butt camp ebook (4)This shouldn’t be rocket science.

So, to inspire you, guide you, and motivate you through #ButtCamp, I created a 23-page PDF guide!

Friends who RECEIVE EMAILS FROM ME EACH WEEK, just check your inbox for the link to download or access the archive with your password!

Get after it!


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