Inside Peek: What Is It Like Having A Personal Trainer?

**Disclosure:  I am partnering with Fitness 4 All to bring you this series of posts.  Through this partnership, I was given free sessions in exchange for highlighting and writing about my training experience at Fitness 4 All.  All opinions are 100% honest and my own.  If you have questions about working with Mike or any of the trainers, please contact the owners and managers here.  You can also read my full disclosure policy here.**

It’s been a few weeks since I have checked in with you guys about my training.  In case you missed it, I shared why I decided to hire a trainer and what my nutrition plan looks like.

I’ve been getting so many questions about what my personal training session is like so I want to give you the deets.

My Training Schedule:

Mon- chest/back

Tue- off

Wed- legs/glutes

Thur- off

Fri- shoulders/arms

Sat- legs/glutes

Sun- off

My Eating Schedule > more on that here.

I don’t eat the same things every day because I get bored, so here is just an example.  I love to use seasonings and herbs to spruce up meals.  Some of my favorite seasonings are here.

8:30a 3 eggs + 2 slices Ezekiel toast + 1/2 avocado + salsa

(10:30a training)

11:30a Body Beast Base Shake + Results and Recovery Formula

1:30p chicken + quinoa pasta + veggies

4:30p Shakeology + oats

6:30p Sweet potato chip loaded nachos

9:00p 1 cup cottage cheese

nutrition for building lean muscle

Yum, right?!

Routine for Building {A.K.A. What the Heck My Session Is Like}

My session is about 45 minutes to an hour.  I work hard with little breaks in between.  The goal is to keep blood in the muscle (for growth) so resting to long causes me to lose my “pump.”  Yeah. I said, pump.  I do ZERO cardio right now.

Mike has been kicking my ass lately.  Here are some clips of a recent leg day session!

I’m squeaking out my failure reps with his help.  Oh, I should probably tell you about failure/breakdown reps.

I warm up the muscle and pump blood into it with 12 reps then move on to a new exercise and do the same.  On the 3rd round of this, I rest before loading up weight for five breakdown reps.  Here is what a snippet of a workout would look like:

 1) 12 incline bench bicep curls > 12 overhead tricep press

2) repeat ^

3)  12 incline bench bicep curls > 5 bicep curls with twist on machine 

12 overhead tricep press > 5 tricep pushdown machine

(move on to another round of exercises)

I’ve also decided that a bikini competition this May could happen.  I need to make sure Rob is okay with it and ready to support me.  If not, I will still train as if I am doing a show because I love doing this.  I have had so much fun (and learned more than I can even put into words) while training with Mike.  My workouts are NOT the same when I am on my own.

And just a little sneak peek, look at how much my butt/legs have changed!  This was the area I wanted to focus on most so I am geeked.  I am still in the bulking phase so the fact that I have any muscle definition right now is beyond me.  I can’t wait to drop my body fat percentage which is almost 20 currently.

side leg and glute progress posterior progress with building muscle

I will be posting more progress pics and numbers, soon!  Stay tuned!

What else would you like to know about working with a personal trainer?

Have you ever considered about hiring a trainer?

What has stopped you from working with a trainer?

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