My Tricks to Sneaking in Veggies: Easy Toddler Recipes

EASY recipes that trick toddlers into eating veggies |

All my child wants to eat is grains, cottage cheese and yogurt.  Oh, and fruit.


My sweet little baby went from eating practically everything I put in front of her (including BEETS) to turning her nose up, and dumping or dropping food she isn’t infatuated with.  Needless to say, my dog is getting fat.

Some days I feel defeated.  I make a lot of healthy food and ate healthy while I was pregnant, so she should be obsessed with clean foods, right?


I will not be defeated by a 19 month old!  Granted, she will eat kale chips, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted asparagus, roasted green beans, veggie omelettes and more, but sometimes, I think she is just sick of eating the same things and needs something new.

So I pulled out some of my Beachbody books and decided to make a few new things for her to sneak in veggies.  I figure you could use these recipes, too!


Zucchini Cashew Soup from Beachbody Ultimate Reset

zucchini cashew soup Beachbody Ultimate Reset Recipe (Photo Credit:


2 small zucchini, steamed

1/4 cup raw cashews

herbal seasonings (I use dill and 21 Day Fix all purpose seasoning)

Bragg Liquid Aminos to taste

Soak cashews in enought water to cover for 1 hour.  Add cashews and water with zucchini, aminos and seasonings in blender and mix until smooth.  Add water as needed until for desired consistency.  You could also add plain greek yogurt for extra creaminess but it’s not necessary.

I make this in a double batch and store in a mason jar in the fridge so we all can eat it.

Zinger Juice from Beachbody 3 Day Refresh

zinger 3 day refresh juice

One for mommy and one for Quinnie!

21 Day Fix Marinara Sauce

homemade marinara

She likes to dip things in this, too!  What is it with kids and anything they can slime all over?!

Since you made it this far, here are a few more tips:

Don’t force it.  Just add it to their plate and let it be.  The more you force your toddler to like a food, the more they want to reject it.  It’s okay if your baby only smears it around and eats a half a spoonful the first time.  It’s a start!  Keep in mind, at one point, your baby ONLY wanted milk.  Look how far you have come by just trying over time.

Let them help you.  Quinn isn’t excited about hearing the juicer, but she loves watching me peel the carrots and she always wants to hold one and gnaw on it while I am making juice.  Letting her be a part of the process helps her be more open to eating it when it’s finished.  Give your toddler a job or let him/her touch small pieces of the food while you make it.

Eat the same things.  It never fails that your toddler wants the food you have on your plate, right?!  So making meals that everybody can eat will help.  If you have a fantastic looking platter and you hand over a plate of asparagus to your toddler, he/she will prob snub it.  If you are eating the same thing, he/she will realize that there are no other options.

Don’t give up.  We all have foods we don’t like, but some foods can grow on us as we expand our palate.  Just because your toddler doesn’t like a food today, doesn’t mean it won’t be a favorite in a few months.  If a food is absolutely repulsive, give your him/her a break from it and try again in a few weeks.

Try pairing.  I’m not huge fan of seafood, but if I had to take a bite of shrimp, I would be more likely to do it if I had some sauce to dip it in, or an awesome beverage martini to wash it down with.  Sauce and martinis are things I love, so pairing the shrimp with it, makes it a little more tolerable.  Try giving the new food with a highly preferred food that compliments it.  If your toddler loves hummus, try offering cooked asparagus with it to dip.  Eventually, your toddler might eat the asparagus without needing any hummus.

Any superfoods your toddler absolutely loves?!

Have a tip you would like to share on getting toddlers to eat more veggies or try something new?  

What food did you HATE as a kid that you eat now?  >>I LOVE brussel sprouts!

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