Fit Tip Friday: Finding Your BFFs {Best Fit Friends}


why you need BFFs

You might not understand what I am getting at yet, but there will come a day that your friends start to change as your love (or desire to love) fitness grows.  Some changes are good and some, well… not so much.

Possible BAD scenarios:

-You have friends who are very happy for you and want to join you on a healthy journey, but as time goes, they end up falling off the wagon.  As time goes, your passions go their separate ways.

-You have friends who don’t enjoy anything about healthy eating/fitness so it’s hard for them to understand why you don’t want to get drunk on Friday then fill up on Taco Bell at 2 am.  They also might not want to ask you about your new lifestyle because they aren’t sure how to support you with your progress and efforts.

-You have friends who seem happy for you, but might begin to act negatively toward you because they are jealous of your progress or new healthy lifestyle passions.

It sucks, but it happens.

I am fortunate that my best friends don’t fall into any of these scenarios, but I have had strained or faded relationships with friends in the past.  It’s important to remember that it’s okay and I’m here to help you move on.

Why you need to find some new BFFs:

  • You need friends who understand what it’s like to order a salad when you really want a burger and fries.
  • You need friends who are excited for you when you finally lose/gain those inches you have been fighting for.
  • You need friends who make time for you beyond going out for drinks.
  • You need friends who understand what it’s like to want need to avoid stairs after leg day. (Okay, not really, but you get the idea, right?!)

These friends are crucial to your mental wellness and success.  They “get” you and why you make the gym a priority.  They are genuinely excited to hear about a new workout you tried or support you with trying to eat healthier.  Without these friends, you might fall back into bad habits and your progress could come to a halt.  Think about this:

These friends BFFs, are your Dave Ramsey.

Better yet, these friends are your sparkly new Victoria’s Secret bra; pretty and full of support.  No more under wire stabs and sagging.

How do you find such gems?

1) Online

  • Be a part of an online community like Fitfluential or SweatPink.  Hop on message boards and start talking.
  • Find a new blogger that inspires you.  Reach out through email or social media.
  • Search Facebook and IG for hashtags and follow some new people.  (#fitmom // #chicksthatlift)
  • Ask questions to make connections.  “Who else is running a marathon this spring?  Let’s connect!”
  • Find Facebook groups for support. (Mom’s Only Fitness Group // etc)

2) Gym/Fitness Center

  • Try a new class at the gym and introduce yourself to the person next to you.
  • Get to know the trainers and staff.  Find out if there are any upcoming events.
  • Strike up conversation with someone who is doing an exercise you want to learn more about.
  • See who follows the FB page and add some friends who seem to have similar interests.

3) Community Happenings

  • Look for events that are coming up.  (Fitness competitions // nutrition classes // etc)
  • Try an active event.  (Tough Mudder // Spartan Race // Marathon)
  • Attend a large event like IDEA World
  • Organize your own event!  (I realize, this is a bit BOLD!)

I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and asked a girl at the gym if her name was Laura.  I had seen Laura in the past since she taught classes and thought she seemed really nice.  Her profile had popped up on my Facebook and I saw that she had just competed in a bikini comp.  I decided to just go up to her mid workout and say hi!  I’m so glad I did.  Laura and I have been chatting since!

I’m telling you… these new BFFs are going to be critical for you to stay on track.  They will be your:

  • support and your counselors (I’m not kidding)
  • inspiration for your toughest moments/days
  • guidance for staying on track
  • confidence boosters
  • true friends

Has this happened to you?

Do you prefer to make connections online?

Is there anything you would add?  

Are some of these out of your comfort zone?

Photo of bra:



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