My Cart Is Never Perfect + 5 Foods That Are Non-Negotiable


Why my cart is never perfect

Happy Friday!

I literally can not contain my excitement for the weekend.  Hubby is finally off for TWO days and we are planning to have some fun together.  It’s much needed.

I plan on having some drinks and dining out because I believe that healthy living is all about balance.

Do I think alcohol is poison?  Yes.

Do I think it’s possible to have a 100% clean diet?  Yes.

Do I enjoy making myself miserable just to get results? No.

So there you have it.  I’m being honest and saying that I think it’s great to eat clean and be fit, but I have also made a promise to myself that I will never be a prisoner to food.  Keeping a healthy balance works for me!

I wanted to share with you my cart from my last shopping trip because although you have seen my meal plans, you don’t see the extra stuff I sometimes toss in this bad boy.  I want you to realize that I DON’T HAVE A FLAWLESS DIET.

healthy balance of groceries while shopping

Clearly, there are some really healthy options in there!  There are also a few duds.  I’m okay with that!

Some weeks, I don’t have the extra money to spend on getting every clean item I need to feed our family.  I never stress over it.  I try as much as I can to use coupons, stock up when there are good sales, and decide which items we can afford to get the expensive versions of and which are okay to skimp on for the week.

That being said, there are 5 items that are non-negotiable for us though so let me share them with you!

Ezekiel bread

Plain Greek yogurt

Grass fed meat (no hormones, no nitrates, free range, etc)

Fresh fruit

Fresh veggies

I would love to buy organic milk and produce every week, but it just doesn’t fit in our budget.  As long as I have these items, I don’t feel as bad about the other things.  Granted, some people might completely disagree, but this is my life, not theirs.

I hope you can see that it’s okay to have a cart that is a bit mixy-matchy because even adding a few healthier items is going to make a difference for your health.

What items are non-negotiable for you?

Do you ever feel like your cart isn’t healthy enough?

How do you try to find balance?

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