Fit Tip Friday: 3 Tips to Plan Ahead for A Busy Day

Fit Tip Friday: 3 tips to help you plan ahead for a hectic day and stay on track with your nutrition

All week you work really hard to stay on track.

Maybe you pack your lunch or only treat yourself to a coffee on Monday.  You might pass up the doughnuts that a coworker brought in or hit the gym all five days.

So why ruin it on the weekend, a busy day or a social outing?!

I’ve posted about this before when I talked about weekend eating/drinking but I want you to see that although I am very serious and dialed in with my fitness, I still have to think and plan ahead.

Today is the perfect example.  Here is my schedule:

9:30-10:30 training session

(errands then home with Quinn)

12-1 lunch with Lauren at Balance

1:30-3:30 blog work

(family time)

5:00 get ready

6:00 -? dinner/diaper party at Hooter’s

I will pretty much be running around all day and making sure that I am following my nutrition plan would be kinda crazy if I didn’t plan ahead.  I try to look at my schedule to see how I can prep or make the best choices for that day.  My snacks will be easy since I will be home, but here is what I will do for the rest.

+I had breakfast ready ahead of time by making protein pancakes.  (Recipe in my 21 Day Fix eBook)

21 day fix approved protein pancakes

+Lunch with Lauren will be Balance Pan Asian Grille so I can get the chicken with the sweet and sour. (grilled chicken, rice, side sauce, pineapple, carrots, green pepper, onions.)

+Dinner at Hooter’s just requires me to look up the menu.  I will either get the club sandwich or buffalo chicken salad (so hard to resist!) and get all dressing/sauce on the side.  It’s not perfect, but it’s my best option for splurging a little without going entirely overboard.

My 3 super simple tips I leave you with are:

1) Look ahead at your schedule and plan foods that you can make ahead of time.  Either foods that travel well or things you can eat without a lot of effort before leaving your house.

2) Get some inexpensive containers for packing food for busy days.  I love mason jars and cuppow accessories.  Check out the BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor which I posted about here.  **This is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I could receive a small portion.  Gotta pay for diapers.  Just keepin’ it real.**

2) Look at the menu of any restaurants you might be heading to.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a custom order, either!  Dressing on the side.  Whole grain bun vs white.  Grilled chicken vs crispy.  You get the idea.

If you still aren’t sure how to make the best choices, please reach out at any time!  Just leave me a comment here or on FB/IG or email.  

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