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Disclosure:  I’m really excited to bring you a sponsored post with Stayfree® through their partnership with My Yoga Online.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own and honest.  You can read more about my policy to disclose here.

Flexibility and mobility play such a major role in our daily lives, but most people don’t focus their efforts there.

You know what I am talking about… the large-and-in-charge meat heads at the gym who eat, lift, and repeat… 

Sorry to call them out, but I want to paint a clear picture for you.  These dudes (or chicks for that matter) are missing a key piece to strength training when it comes to preventing injury as well as gaining size and strength.  Full body exercises such as squats and deadlifts are major muscle builders, but without the flexibility and mobility factor, the moves are limited.

The fact of the matter is that we need to bump this up on our priority list.  Right up there with the big ones like fat loss, size, strength and endurance.  But first, there are a few things you should know.

5 things you {probably} didn’t know about flexibility

1. Flexibility is not the same as mobility.

Mobility refers to your ability to complete functional movement patterns with great range of motion.  An example would be an overhead squat.  Flexibility refers to the lengthening of a muscle.  A person who demonstrates great flexibility, A.K.A Gumby Human, might not have the balance, or strength to perform a movement that requires mobility.

My point: Flexibility is a component of mobility.  You need to be working on both of these in order to move efficiently and perform day to day activities without injuries.


2.  You can have “useless” flexibility.

Being a pretzel looks super cool and I am envious, but what I recently learned is that although you can bend it like Beckham, it is probably pointless if you can’t generate strength from that position.  Example:  You might have great flexibility in the glutes and legs to lower into a full squat, but if you can’t raise yourself up safely, it is a waste.

5 things you didn't know about flexibility - varietybyvashti.org

My point:  Make sure that all flexibility is for the greater purpose of completing a full movement with strength versus just being elastic.  (Think of a gymnast; flexibility, mobility, power, control and mad strength!)

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3.  Stretching should be done after your workout.

Most people try to stretch before working out, but our muscles just aren’t warm enough yet.  Recent studies are showing that your muscles can actually be more prone to injury when you stretch before training or competition.  Warming up with movement like walking or dynamic stretching such as body weight squats or lunges are better options.

My point:  Wait until you are warmed up (intermittent stretches during workout) or have already worked out to get the best stretch.  Your muscles will be more tolerant to force absorption which means less capability of injury.

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4.  You can be too flexible.

I’ve always been envious of Gumby girls who can fold over and touch their feet to their head.  I feel like a dud at yoga while I watch them and think, “I should be more flexible!” But hear me out… think of a rubber band that you use as a sling shot.  If it gets too stretched out, the amount of force and support the rubber band has is greatly diminished.  Muscles that are too flexible can reduce the amount of power and could really damage the level of performance.

My point: You should stretch and aim to be slightly more flexible than required to perform the demands of your workout or sport, but excessive flexibility should not be the goal.   If you are extra flexy, you should start to add in some strength training or be more mindful of engaging muscles during yoga/pilates.


5.  You shouldn’t lock your joints out.

I remember stretching in high school.  Before our volleyball games, we would all bend from a seated position and reach down to our toes to stretch the hamstrings.  We were told to make sure our knee stayed down to the floor (locking the joint.)  Now, research is saying that our joints are not made to do this and it could lead to arthritis over time.

My point: Keep a little bend in your joints and the muscles will engage and carry the load.  For example, while in downward dog, keep the knees just slightly bent.

Obviously, Yoga is a great way to work on gaining strength and flexibility so this is a great opportunity for you to try it at home.

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Disclosure:  I’m really excited to bring you a sponsored post with Stayfree® through their partnership with My Yoga Online.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own and honest.  You can read more about my policy to disclose here.**


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