21 Day Fix Extreme Preparation + Printables

gs you should do before 21 Day Fix Extreme arrives

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest program from Beachbody called 21 Day Fix Extreme!  Maybe you have heard of it?!

Kidding.  I realize that is most likely why you are here.

I’ve been an avid fix-er and have posted about everything from how I meal plan to our family plan and grocery list.  I’m sure you have seen the posts on Pinterest  or maybe you even follow me.

Well you are in luck because with the new program comes new posts and a new 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Planning Guide for you!  >>Update: It’s finished!  Preview what it’s all about here.<<

{Don’t forget to subscribe so you can have access to some exclusive 21 Day Fix Extreme content that will help you along the way.  You just enter your email and will get a password to my secret archive!  You also get a subscriber discount of 50% off any of my 21 Day Fix eBooks there.}

While I wait for my precious package to arrive, there are a few things I am doing in preparation.  You probably want to do this, too!

10 Thing You Should Do While Waiting for 21 Day Fix Extreme to Arrive

1. Start getting rid of “no” foods.

Go through your cabinets and start tossing or donating some food that won’t be allowed on the fix.  Items like crackers, chips, pop, candy, etc need to go.  Trust me.  If it is in the house, you will want it.


2. Start purchasing clean kitchen staples.

Instead of breaking the bank the week that you start your fix, start buying a few things during the next shopping trips.  A few items I highly recommend are: Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Quinoa, plain oats, brown rice, dried herbs and spices.

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar


3. Designate an area for your workouts.

Decide what space you can claim for your workout.  It will be so much easier to get into a routine when you don’t have to fight for it.  Keep your bands and weights in this area, too.


4. Print a blank grocery list and blank meal planner.  >> Click here to download and print.

I will have the fancy filled out versions in my 21 Day Fix Extreme eBook, but here are some blank ones for you to use until then!  (The new versions will be much cuter!)  If you are going to start and my eBook is not done yet, just fill them in as you go.  Feel free to reach out at anytime if you need some help.


5. Start pinning or finding some recipes.

Be prepared for a boatload of recipes and pins from my end, but for now, you can use the original 21 Day Fix recipes and tweak as necessary to cut out the new “no” foods like crackers, bacon, etc.  (Autumn got rid of these foods for Extreme so you can dial in your nutrition even more.)

21 day fix approved protein pancakes


6.  Make some sauces, dressings, seasonings.

Spend an afternoon just mixing up some seasonings so that you can quickly add flavor to your food when you are ready to prep.  I use my ranch seasoning a lot!  I will have a section in the new eBook that is loaded with new seasonings for you!  You can also make dressings and sauces ahead of time, but keep in mind that they are perishable and will go bad more quickly than seasonings.

Original 21 Day Fix seasonings including ranch >>>


7.  Purchase some containers to store prepped food.

I’m a huge fan of mason jars just because they are so easy to use and wash.  We also use Lock’n’Lock containers and Cuppow accessories.  For my spices I use old baby food jars!  (Yeah… I’m cheap!)

chia pudding in mason jar



8.  Look at your calendar and pencil in your fix.

If you normally struggle with staying on track for the fitness portion, I highly suggest that you block out a time for yourself.  Either look at the day to determine the best time for your workouts, or look at the month and decide when the best time is to start.  Either way, you need to make sure that nothing is going to interfere with your program.  For example: I don’t recommend starting this the week of your wedding or before a trip to Vegas.  Just sayin’.

Also, drink wine now while you have the chance!

10 things you should do while waiting for 21 Day Fix Extreme to arrive


9.  Start taste testing your coffee options.  (Or weaning yourself.)

I continue to drink coffee through most of my workout programs, but I do try to cut out the creamer.  I can tolerate black coffee, but if you can’t, you might want to start trying some new swaps.  I really love this version from Urban Remedy.

cold brew coffee urban remedy


10.  Start aiming for your daily water goal.

I suck at drinking enough water.  Flat out.  I do love to put lemon in it and have no problem drinking it when I have it in front of me, but I often forget when I am at home.  Quinn distracts me or I am tackling house stuff.

I generally drink a full glass right when I wake up, before I go to the gym, after the gym and before each meal.  That still isn’t enough!  This is my goal this week!  Now is the time to practice!  Either track it in your phone, use a tally system, or try the rubber band trick.  Reader and friend, Francesca, suggests that you try the Hydro Coach app which has really been helping her!

What are you going to do this week to set yourself up for success?  Remember, you don’t have to wait to make healthy changes just because your program kit isn’t here.

If you are waiting for your kit, leave a shout out below and let us know when you are starting.  I would love it if we could all give each other some support!

What are you most excited to see in my new eBook?

Why did you decide to get more extreme this time around?

Do you plan on doing the “countdown to competition” plan?


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