21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan Guide {eBook Download}

21 Day Fix Extreme guide

Variety by Vashti has really been taking off lately and when I look at my stats, everything is telling me that you want more help with meal planning for the 21 Day Fix.

I get it because I was there once.

I’m listening.  Oh, and I have a crap ton of other posts you might want to read here

When I started the program, I noticed two very big problems about every blog/site/whatcha-ma-call-it I came across online that was geared toward 21 Day Fix meal planning:

1) Meal plans were ready to be printed and followed with proper container counts, but the meals were all dull or very repetitive.  (Chicken, rice, green beans… repeat.  Gag.)

2) There are some great recipes available to you online (Pinterest, especially) but can be very difficult to plug in to the meal plan and get the correct container allotment for the day.

I wanted to solve these two problems for myself so I started making meal plans that were creative and then sharing them here.  That’s where you come in!

I got such great feedback that I kept making them.  I not only made it easier for you, but you walked away with a bunch of new recipes that your entire family could eat.  Months later, Autumn released her newest program, 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Extreme is a bit more precise with eating clean, so I knew it would be a little trickier to plan.  Again, I did the work for you and here it is; my little baby 21 Day Fix Extreme Frankenstein creation!

It’s come to liiiiiife….mwahahaha.


21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Planning Guide: The Details

21 Day Fix Extreme guide

When you purchase the meal planning guide you will get immediate access to three pdf downloads that can be printed.  Let me break it down for you:

1- The Guide itself.  (20 pages)

  • space to decide + commit
  • space to write before measurements + attach a photo
  • space to write transformation measurements + attach a photo
  • 3 weeks of meal plans
  • blank meal plans with and without the container counts

before measurements 21 day fix extreme ebook


21 day fix extreme meal plan ebook2- The Recipes.  (23 pages)

  • 28 full recipes to match the meal plans
  • 7 seasoning recipes to spice up your life
  • container counts per serving + serving size

21 day fix extreme recipes

3- The Grocery Lists. (4 pages)

  • Printable grocery list for each week + extra spaces (3 total)
  • Blank grocery list that you can fill in

21 day fix extreme meal plan printable


More notes on the guide…

+ This guide can be used for the original 21 Day Fix as well since Extreme is just a cleaner version.

+ You can swap out items such as peanut butter for nut butter.  Maybe you want a pear instead of kiwi.  No biggie.  This is your world, I just live in it.

+ You can add containers if your nutrition plan is higher calorie.  For this book I planned for the lowest caloric intake category.

+ Some recipes are meant to be made in batches so you have more free time during the week.  You will also have some leftover meat in the freezer since a few recipes require less than a normal package size.

+ You will need Shakeology.  Chocolate is preferred since I have a recipe to use it with, but you could probably use vanilla instead.  If you don’t already have a coach and need Shakeology, you can purchase it from my site. (P.S. If you purchase Extreme or Shakeology from my site, you get this eBook FREE!)

Take me to the download… use code: flashfix for 25% off until 3/20/15 -OR- subscribe since you get 50% off when you download any of my meal plans using the subscriber archive (link in welcome email once you subscribe.)

Before you start Extreme, you might want to take a peek at this post: 10 Things You Should Do Before It Arrives  Okay, Kayla out!  Hope to hear how you like it and please share your success with the program.  We are cheering for you!

Please leave questions and comments below.  I want to make sure you get all the help you need for your 21 Day Fix journey!  

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