Carb Cravings: 10 Tricks + A Giveaway

10 Tricks for beating carb cravings

**Disclosure:  This post and giveaway is brought to you by MealEnders through my partnership with Fit Approach.  I was given the opportunity to sample and share my honest opinions about this product. You can read more about my disclosure policies here.**

Carb cravings are the WORST.  Unfortunately, they are kinda hardwired into us and in our moments of weakness we tend to grab the sweet and really processed versions.

Does this sound familiar?

You grab a piece of chocolate at work when you are feeling you need a pick me up.

You add chips to your plate for some crunch.

You have extra garlic toast with your spaghetti because you just can’t resist.

I’m guilty of this at times.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I have started the lean out process.  The first thing my trainer changed was my nutrition because as usual, nutrition is key.  I haven’t cut out my carb food groups completely, but they have decreased by half, if not more.

The first week and a half were a little sketch.  I wanted carbs bad every afternoon and evening (probably mental because I knew I couldn’t have them) and really junky ones at that.

Pizza.  Pretzels, Bread.

You get the idea.  My body had to detox a bit and now I’m feeling much better.  Partially because my body is adjusting and partially because I learned a few tricks.

10 Tricks for Beating Carb Cravings

1. Meal Enders

These have been my #1 trick lately.  Usually around 3 pm I start wanting to snack.  I eat my apple and then BOOM, non-stop cravings.  (Note: that is NOT how I eat an apple.  #MyChildIsSneaky)

10 Tricks for beating carb cravings

I have been keeping a few MealEnders with me at all times so I don’t give in to the temptation.  With only 15 calories, it’s a much better option than to binge on fries, chips, pretzels, etc.

Tricks for beating carb cravings

The idea is to slowly suck on the lozenge to trigger your brain using behavioral psychology and sensory science.

“MeanEnders consist of two components: a sweet, outer reward layer and a cooling/tingling center.  The outer layer provides a measured dose of “dessert.” a signal typically associated with the end of a meal.  The center engages the trigeminal nerve to cue the end of eating and clear the palate.”

My favorite part is the tingling center layer.  It reminds me of chewing gum and Pop Rocks at the same time.  It gives me just enough sweetness to trick me, yet my mouth stays busy and gets the sensation that I am snacking.  After finishing a lozenge, I no longer want to snack!  I love all the flavors but chocolate mint is my favorite.  Normally, I hate mint and chocolate!

10 Tricks for beating carb cravings

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2. Go to Bed

I’m not kidding.  If it’s late in the evening and you are thinking about snacking, just drink a glass of water and go to bed.  You could probably use some extra sleep anyway.


3. Season

Add more flavor to your meals and actually pay attention when you eat them.  No distractions.  If you taste the food, your body might feel more satisfied.  So for dinner, turn off the TV, no phone, no multi-tasking, and just eat.

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4. Spruce Up Your Water

Sipping on some flavored water can help your taste buds feel happier and it will hydrate you.  Sometimes carb and sugar cravings stem from dehydration.  You could even mix in a little sparkling water for extra taste bud tingles.

14 Beautiful Ways to Make Fruit Infused Water >>>


5. Eat Regularly

Going hours in between meals not only slows down your metabolism and helps you hoard fat cells, but you will have cravings BAD.  Eating something small every 2-3 hours helps stabilize your blood sugar, hormones and other chemicals in your body.  If your cravings are mental, it will help you see the finish line to your next meal instead of thinking about snacking.


6. Chew Gum

Sometimes we just need to chew to give our brain the signal similar to actually eating.  Keep gum handy for carb cravings that creep up.


7. DON’T Use Fake Sugar

Try to cut our any artificial sweeteners because although they have a “diet” claim, they actually make your body crave MORE carbs and sugars after they wear off.


8. Out Of Sight

Sometimes seeing is craving!  Be careful when at the mall, friends’ houses, restaurants, etc. It’s easy to overdo carbs when they are placed right in front of you.  So when dining out, ask the waiter to hold the bread basket.  You might even want to avoid the girl’s night out pizza party or cafe that displays baked goods.


9. Find A Non-Food Reward

Try following an “if ___, then ___” rule to reward yourself in a way that’s not food.  If you avoid the junk, then you get to buy yourself some flowers.  Sorry, but you don’t get french fries because you stayed on track all week.  All that will do for you is start the carb craving process over.  Reward yourself with a pedicure, a new pair of shoes, or even a new makeup item.


10. Mix It Up

Realize that there will be some days/weeks that a few of these items just aren’t cutting it.  That’s why it’s important to have 10 tricks.  You might need to adjust and pick a new weapon from your bag of tricks to attack stubborn cravings.

If you often struggle with over-eating, cravings, boredom eating, etc please enter my giveaway with Meal Enders because they really rock!

Which of these tricks will you start using today?

Do you have success with another tactic?

What flavor are you most excited to try with Meal Enders?


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