Tribute To Tazz

Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to send me a quick message about the recent loss of our dog, Tazz.  Even the smallest things have helped cheer me up.

tazz sunbathing

In case you didn’t hear, we had to let Tazz go to doggie Heaven on Saturday.  After multiple seizures, we felt that it was best for him to be relieved of his suffering although it was no walk in the park for us.  Man, I wish I could take him for another walk in the park.

tazz walk with quinn

I complained about Tazz a lot.  He was my shadow and never gave me a moment of space.  He was obsessed with cuddling.

tazz sleeping with daddy and quinn tazz sleeping on his back

Also obsessed with barking at the mailman or anyone who walked by the house.

tazz at door

Basically, he was always in my way and very needy with attention which was hard some evenings that Rob was working and Quinn was fussy.  But he was sweet.  He was very protective of Quinn and very tolerant of her not-so-gentle hugs.

tazz in quinns roomLately, he had been snuggling with her when I was putting her to bed at night.  He also loved to sneak her food when she dropped it.

It was normal for every blog picture to need cropping due to his sneaky appearance.

tazz sparkbox toys

He was the cutest little fluff ball when I got him at 12 weeks old.  Just a puff of hair and only 2.5 lbs.  Totes adorbs.

tazz snuggling puppy

It’s hard not to cry when I think back to the day we brought Quinn home from the hospital and how careful he was not to step on her or touch her bassinet while standing on his hind legs to take a peek.

tazz with quinn

It’s been very eerie without him in the evening.  I miss my cuddle bug when I am working late.  I miss how he used to try and nuzzle up under my neck or trick me into letting him in my bed.  I miss seeing him jump in circles when I would come home.

If I had only known that this was coming, I would have spoiled him his entire last day.

It was all so unexpected and sudden.  I realize that nothing can really prepare you for that, but I wish I could have had a little more time to get my last Tazzy fix.

tazz michigan jersey

RIP Tazzy/Tazz/Tazzaritis (The San Francisco Treat)  You will be so very missed.

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