Lean Phase: Week 1 {New Nutrition + Measurements}

If you have been following my training, you might know that my bulk phase of building is dunzo.  I posted about what I ate and what my training was like, but now it’s time for me to start leaning out.

Again, the idea was for me to add on muscle and now I am going to take off some body fat so that I look lean and mean.

The first change my trainer made was my nutrition.  Remember, nutrition is about 80% of your success so it should be the first thing you look at when you want to make changes to your body.

Here’s what my meals look like now:


1 egg + 3-4 egg whites


Post Workout Snack

1 scoop protein powder

1/2 c coconut water


4 oz chicken/turkey

2 cups spinach/kale

3 oz tomato

3 oz cucumber

1 T coconut/flax oil



3 oz broccoli/asparagus/brussel sprouts/green beans

1/2 T coconut oil

3 oz chicken

10-11 almonds


6 oz steak/chicken

6 asparagus

10-11 almonds


1.5 scoops protein powder

10-11 almonds

My workouts have changed a little bit, too.

Instead of doing heavy breakdown sets of 5 after three rounds of 12 reps, I am keeping the weight the same or a little lighter and aiming for 15-20 reps.  My reps are also a little faster at times to add in some cardio and explosiveness, but I still have to focus on really isolating the muscle and squeezing during other reps.  I’m also back to working out five days per week instead of three.

Here is a look at my measurements from day one of lean phase until now.

lean phase measurements

Right now, we measure every week in between.  I’m going to share a video this week of my trainer Keith measuring me so you can see the way he measures shoulders, chest and thighs specifically.  I learned to measure differently, so I think you might appreciate seeing the correct way!

I’m really excited for this phase because I feel like changes are happening faster and I feel so much better with eating less carbs.  I’m going to do a quick roundup each Friday to share what my food/training was like for the week since so many of you are asking.  If there is something specific you want me to get a video of or highlight, please leave me a comment.

How are you getting ready for bikini season?

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