Target Your Glutes With A Simple Change to Your Squat

Is It Safe To Squat Below Parallel- Proper Squat Form

As I’ve been training, I have been sharing so many things with you so that you can learn as I learn.  Today is no different.

I’ve been seeing so many posts about squatting and proper form and I cringe knowing what I know now.

What I was taught:

  • Keep your knees behind your toes
  • Never let your thighs go lower than parallel to the floor
  • Always keep your chest up

What I know now:

It’s okay to sit lower than parallel to the floor.  Doing so helps to engage the glutes!  >>>Hello, booty!

Keith, one of my trainers and owner of the gym I work for helped me make a quick video for you to chat about why squatting below parallel IS okay and how to know if you are doing it right or if you need some twerking tweaking.

I am still working on my form and keeping the arch in my back since I tend to round my hips under.  Practice makes perfect, right?!  I highly encourage you to work with a trainer to correct any muscle imbalances (like I have) so that you can have the best success with this squat variation.

P.S. This month, I am going to be adding some helpful videos to my subscriber archive so stay tuned!  These simple tweaks could make all the difference in your training whether you workout at the gym or from home.

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What is your favorite squat variation?

Any guesses on the giveaway?

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