Bedazzle Your Instagram: Collage Tutorial

My lovelies!

I am having so much fun on Instagram these days.  I really prefer it to Facebook and will be doing more fun stuff on there, so if you haven’t already connected with me, please do so!

I recently posted a fun collage to takeover a 3×3 section of my feed because I am seeing them everywhere and am totally obsessed!

How to Make An Instagram Collage

I had so many people ask me how I did it that I figured I would share the fun.

P.S. If you make one, please tag me so I can come see!

How To Make A Collage On Instagram

1. Decide on what you want to share

Have a game plan.  Think of a cool image like nature or a fancy party feast.  I dunno… just something that would be neat if expanded.

2. Snap a high resolution pic

This is preferably with a nice camera because of the higher resolution but I am sure a phone pic would still work if you had to go that route.

3. Edit your image

If you are using your iphone, I recommend using Snapseed or Afterlight.  On the PC you can use Photoshop or any other editing software.  Make it pretty!

The rest of the steps, I wanted to walk you through with video so let’s go!

4. Add text layover if that tickles your heart strings

Again, if you are using an app, I like Wordswag.  On the computer or ipad, I prefer to add text or cool design elements.

5. Open Picmonkey and divide the image into sections

6. Save each section as 510 x 510 px

7. Upload your sections to a private Facebook photo album.

8. Save each image on your phone.

9. Post each image on IG in order from bottom right square to top left square moving from right to left, bottom to top.  (I know… it’s all bass ackwards.)

10. Admire your beautiful handy work.  Oh, and put your feet up because you earned that shit.

So there ya have it!  Share your amazingness with me on IG.  Tag me @kaylavashti!


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