My Favorite Tools/Tricks For Getting My Biz Rocking While Wrangling A Toddler

5 tips tools for managing blow workflow

Wake up, feed kids, grab a bite, chug coffee, to-do list, workout, lunch, more adulting, clean house, play with kids, get groceries, more playing, more adulting, make dinner, clean kitchen, bath time, kids to bed, clean up toys, shower….

And you’re spent.

Does your day feel/look like that?

I know there are days you struggle and feel like you can’t get it all done.  I know this because I LIVE this, too.

My life is crazy and it is getting busier each week.  I’m not sure if you saw the update but now on top of blogging here and starting blog consultation/coaching, I am also managing social media and starting a blog for my favorite place in the whole world: Fitness 4 All.  So basically, I have two full time jobs and motherhood.

My life is a hot mess, but I manage to somehow keep it all on track.  (For the most part)

I have learned some tricks along the way that help me make the most out of what little time I have.  Let me share them with you so you can spend more time doing the things that matter the most to you and less time trying to manage your biz/life.

Sticky Notes

Okay, I realize this is kind of archaic but it works for me.  I am a pen and paper kinda gal and not afraid to admit that I rarely use an app to actually make to-do lists.  They end up being too time consuming for me.  So here is a quick glance at my system.  Basically >> brain dump >> move stickies around >> complete >> throw away.

5 tips/tools to manage blog workflow

Day Planner

I can’t live without my planner (or my phone, but who’s keeping track?) because again, I’m a pen and paper girl.  At a glance I can see exactly when my posts are due (when working with brands) what appointments I have, when Rob is working, what my schedule for the day looks like, when I am getting paid, etc.  This is easier for me than having separate tracking places for everything I manage.

Buffer App

Now that I manage a few Facebook pages and groups, plus other social media accounts like Twitter and Pinterest, it can be very time consuming to share content to each space.  I like to sit down on Sunday for 1 hour and schedule everything in Buffer for the week or two weeks.  You can easily do this from your desktop or phone and once it’s done, your posts will send at the times you set it for.  It’s amazing not having to worry about this throughout the week!  (Newest feature this week is scheduled pins!  WOOT!)

5 tips tools for managing blow workflow

Editorial Calendar

Now that I am home on Wednesdays to get my blog work done, I like to have a few posts typed up and ready to go.  Most times, I work on my upcoming paid work so I can have peace of mind that it’s done and not be scrambling at the last minute.  So let’s say I get my post done a week early, I can use the editorial calendar to schedule the live post for the following week and whatever time I prefer.  Heck, I could be napping when it happens.  <<Preferred method.

5 tips/tools to manage blog workflow


IFTTT  <<click that link to see

IFTTT I don’t use that much but I still think it’s a handy little tool.  There are a billion (okay, maybe a few less than a billion) workflows that will save you time.  Maybe you want to set up a workflow that will save your Instagram photo uploads to Dropbox so you have a copy to print easily.  You can do that here.  Pretty cool, right?!

If there is something specific that you are trying to manage, shoot me a quick email ( or leave a comment.  Chances are there is a workflow that can help you save some time!

If you are a workflow pro, what are you using?!


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