Why I Ended My Coach Status + 4 Tips for Coaches {Beachbody Breakup}

After years of being a Beachbody coach, I filled out the paperwork to terminate my coach account.  It has been on my mind for a while and I was waiting until I truly felt the disconnect. I have a lot of people who see me as their motivator and coaches on my downline who I was fearful of hurting.

But it was time.

Why I terminated my Beachbody coach status + tips for new coaches


I loved coaching.

I enjoyed waking up to success stories from my customers and getting messages telling me the little feat they had that day. I worked my way through most of the Beachbody programs and found great success with fitness (and on the blog) when I followed the 21 Day Fix.  I loved meeting other coaches and talking about health and fitness.

Everything was great with my business and I really saw myself doing big things with Beachbody.

{fast forward}

I’m laying in bed, scrolling through IG and I get notifications from other coaches who comment on my photos telling me I should be a part of their FB group. I know that these coaches are searching hashtags and then pouncing.  As a coach, I heard it a million times, “You don’t have to be icky and salesy…”  <<while that’s true, the posts I see are so cookie cutter that the “formula” never seems genuine.  In fact, I know a few coaches who’s IG feeds are literally columns of the same scheduled content.  Again… that damn cookie cutter formula.  #Robot

If I am feeling that way as a coach, imagine how potential customers are feeling.

A few more (personal) reasons I am terminating my coach status…

1) I have to be honest with myself and know that my blog is my passion, not Beachbody.  When I would sit down to work, anything Beachbody was put on the back burner because my shiny blog projects would win me over and made me feel happy and fulfilled.

**Ding Ding**

2) I loved the programs and worked my way through so many including T25, TurboFire and 21 Day Fix, but now that I do personal training, I realize that the programs were creating muscle imbalances.  It’s really not the same as having a trainer right by your side.  I’ve had to do some damage control with my body to fix some of the errors I was making and problem areas that occurred from not having enough fitness balance.  What I mean by this is that my lower body and posterior side were being neglected since most of the Beachbody programs don’t target those areas as intensely as others.

It has been a world of a difference having a trainer by my side versus working out from home.  (And I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t use the programs.  They were a great starting point for me and allowed me to be healthy as a new mom who didn’t have time for the gym just yet.)

3) I don’t use the products anymore.  I love the ingredients of Shakeology and still think it’s the best around as far as being non-toxic, but I have to use a shake that has almost zero carbs so Shakeology doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore.  I also stopped ordering the supplements like Energy & Endurance/Results & Recovery because the ingredients and macros weren’t aligning with my goals.

So now that you know my personal reasons, let me share a few things that I wish I would have done differently.  (A.K.A tips for coaches)

1) Remember that Beachbody is not the be-all-end-all.  Encourage people no matter what program or products they are using; whether they use a personal trainer or do couch to 5K even if it’s not a sale for you.  Maybe someone doesn’t live and breathe Turbo like you do, and that’s okay.  You don’t have to force feed it.


2) Stop following the “formula.”  The only rule there should be about your social media content is that you shouldn’t have a rule.  Stop worrying about the ratio being 1:3 posts should be about Beachbody.  Stop asking questions just to get people to comment and bump your post in the feed.  Stop saying “like this or comment if…”  It’s cookie cutter and everyone knows it’s just a lead in.  It feels icky to us (the real people who give a shit) no matter what the pros are telling you.


3) Remember to continue to talk to your customers or coaches on your team EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE PLAN.  I always struggled with this because eventually I had so many people to talk to and keep up with.  I recently heard a former coach talking about her upline coach and in a nutshell, the coach (who I won’t name but she is making great money) would only keep in contact or invite her to things if she was working her biz.  If she wasn’t, it was like she didn’t exist.  <<How crappy is that?!


4) Don’t quit coaching because I felt this way.  Beachbody or any direct sale company can be great, but only if you truly love it and it feels natural.  It felt forced to me and there could be a day that it does for you, but if you feel more motivated and inspired as a coach, then by all means, keep at it.  There are some coaches who are very successful, but if we stripped them of their pay, would they still live and breathe Beachbody?  Maybe, maybe not.


I honestly answered that question myself and it’s how I knew that it was time to walk away.

Moving forward, any of you are always welcome to message me with questions you have about your goals and living healthy.  My coaching doesn’t end here because I truly love helping others.  I am just walking away from Beachbody.  Hit me up in any of the places below!



varietybyvashti {at} gmail {dot} com

cell: 419-779-2707


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