It’s Not What You Think… Confessions of A Fittie

A few days ago, someone commented on my body (in a good way) and my husband responded with “yeah, she’s a freak.”

I took it as a compliment but it got me thinking…

Do people think I am a freak?  Do they think that I have some super gene to be this dedicated or to look how I do?  Do they think I just wake up with energy and motivation?  Do they think I naturally have abs?

I sure hope not.

Today “look good naked” wins. #focused

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The truth is that being fit is not easy no matter how effortless someone makes it look.

I follow and really look up to two females on Instagram (Mrs Waltman and Gable_Fit) who make being a fitness model/pro look easy.  I can look at their feed for hours and compare my build and shape to theirs.  It’s easy for me to become frustrated and think, “I work so hard, will I ever look like THAT?!  She probably has a chef.  Blah-blah-reason why she has it easier than I do-blah.”

But I know a few truths about these women.  Not because I am friends with them, but because they are just like me.

We work at this.

It’s not easy.

It takes time.

So as an inside look, here are 10 truths I want to share with you as a behind the scenes peek since I know I don’t share every nitty gritty detail here.

It's not what you think-confessions of a fittie

1. Most of the time, I am literally counting my food.  “8…9…10 almonds.”  I’m not kidding.  Definitely not uber enjoyable.

2. I always look like hell.  Or Elsa according to Quinn.  I mean… what’s the point of wearing makeup and getting fancy just to sweat it off and shower twice a day?

3. I wake up EVERY MORNING feeling like a train hit me.  Growing muscles = soreness every day.

4. I deal with odd questions/critics.  Not everyone gets my goals or love for clean food and fitness, so questions and comments can be a bit condescending.  I’ve had to learn how to have thicker skin.

5. My “me” time is spent meal prepping.  I put on music and cook.  I’ve learned how to make it more enjoyable, but I still wish I was just watching the boobtube.

6. My workouts are hard and I don’t always have the motivation.  Some days I really have to give myself a pep talk.  And apologize for telling my trainers that I hate them.

7. I’m always packing up food.  I take snacks with me when I run errands, lunches with me to the gym, meals to family get togethers, etc.  It’s easier for me to control what I am eating, but people think I’m weird.

8. I see my friends less than I prefer.  It’s hard to avoid certain foods and not drink, so social outings sometimes get passed on.

9. I spend my fun money on supplements and vitamins so that I can feel my best.  Sometimes I miss splurging on a pair of heels.

10. I struggle with confidence no matter how much my body has changed.  I think we all are our own worst critics.

I hope this helps you realize that we are soooo much more alike than you realize.  We may face slightly different challenges, but we both still have to work for it.

Please remind yourself that you shouldn’t compare your goals/progress to anyone else’s and that you should fight for what you want.  Know that it’s not all cupcakes and sprinkles (although I wish it freaking was) as you work toward your dream bod.  Even the fittest and most talented people in the world are hustling.  It doesn’t just happen, but it is attainable if you really want it.



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