5 Tips to Make Fasted Cardio Your Beyotch

5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuitI’m sorry I have been so quiet the past week.  Momma has a lot going on!

I am getting so close to my blog photo shoot with Nick Amrhein!  If you follow me on snapchat (@kaylatyburski) or IG, you may notice that I have added in fasted cardio this week.

First, let me explain why I am even doing cardio, let alone fasted cardio.  As my shoot approaches, the goal is to lose just a bit more body fat so that I have more of a lean/muscular look in the photos.

A great way to lose some fat (notice I didn’t say weight) is to add in fasted cardio.  When your body is fasted, the energy to fuel your workout comes from fat stores.  If you have eaten, the energy will come from the food such as carbs.  A calorie is a calorie, so when I burn 500 calories during fasted cardio or regular cardio, I would prefer the fat to be fueling me and burning off!  Am I right?!

So the idea is to finish my dinner and then sleep as I normally would.  In the morning, I can have water, coffee (black) or tea ONLY before doing my cardio… hence fasted.  I eat after I sweat it out!

I’ve never done fasted cardio until recently and have learned a few things that I want to share with you since it has been so successful and surprisingly easier than I had expected.

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5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

Chunk It

Instead of just running for 30 minutes, your workout will go by much faster if you break it up into chunks.  Not to mention, adding some intervals will help you burn extra calories (from fat!) so it’s really a bonus boost!  This is what I have been doing and it makes it a breeze!  You could also swap out any of the interval exercises with other fun plyo/power moves like sled pulls, med ball slams, etc to get your heart rate up.  (This circuit should take you about 40 minutes.)


Jam On

I honestly don’t think I would have made it through my workout without rap.  Thank you, Weezy, Drake, and Tyga.  Having a good beat, volume up and lyrics that make me a little fiesty helped fuel my fire!

5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

Don’t Think

I noticed that the mornings I woke up and really thought about how tired I was or how much I hate cardio, I dreaded getting to the gym.  I decided to just stop thinking about it and get it done.  I also started to tell myself that every day was the same story… five minutes into the workout I was feeling on cloud 9 so the sooner I could get to the gym and get started, the sooner I would be happy!

5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

Count Down

Having a visual countdown is really helping me.  I keep checking off my meals and seeing the days go by.  I am physically crossing them off because it’s purely mental for me.  #killedthat #check

5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

Snap Pics

Snap a little picture of yourself everyday.  You will be amazed at how in just two to three days your body looks different!  Seeing a few more muscles peek out and better definition made me kinda excited to get my ass moving the next day.  Maybe, kinda, just a little…

One week before fasted cardio…


5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

5 days later of fasted cardio…5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

I hope this little inside look of my fitness journey gave you some insight!  If you want to stay updated on my shoot or “after” pictures, be sure to follow me on IG or FB!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  


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