That’s A Wrap! 3 Things I Learned While Prepping For A Photoshoot

Let me start this post by saying that I am snacking on peanut M&Ms right now.

So good.

I am fully enjoying my food this week and by that I mean I am not counting anything, I am eating whatever sounds good at the time and not giving a damn about macros.  I feel like a rebel.

bloody mary bar louie

I like to preach keeping a healthy balance so that last sentence might seem like I am completely binging, but I really am getting in some healthy meals too.  Healthy food still sounds good and I do enjoy it.  So don’t think I am just eating my weight in pizza because I happened to post about it.

Starting Monday, I will be back on track with a strict meal plan (strict meaning food I love, but clean) because I made the decision to enter a fitness competition with my friend Renee.  It’s going to be a tough journey, but I know we will really push each other!  I will share the details as I go so make sure you are following me on FB/IG/snapchat @kaylatyburski.

But let’s flash back to what happened this week because I had a lot of fun doing a photoshoot, but I really grew a lot, too.

3 things while preparing for a fitness photoshoot

Food is emotional

Wow.  I always knew that food has some power over our emotions and we tend to eat based on how we are feeling, but the final week of prepping really made me aware of just how emotionally attached I was.  It was sort of scary.  I would be feeling slightly overwhelmed from Quinn and start thinking about junky food as if my Doritos switch was flipped.  I worked really hard to remind myself that food is meant to fuel me and nourish my body, not to binge on and rely on to boost my mood.

This was a giant hurdle, but I got over it and I will never be the same… in a good way.

I don’t need coffee to have a good morning.  I don’t need to have a drink to have fun.  I don’t need chocolate because I had a stressful day.

I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for

It was not a piece of cake to stay on track the last few weeks (pun intended.)  I had to leave myself notes, give myself pep talks or even completely avoid certain activities (like Pinterest) just to stay strong.  There were hours at a time that I would talk myself off the “just a handful of goldfish” ledge and surprisingly, I was able to keep myself from jumping.  I didn’t know I had that much will power.  I’m really proud of myself for staying so strong!

You are only as strong as your army

I can not say enough about the people in my life who cheer me on and hold me accountable; from blog readers to my trainers, from friends or gym acquaintances, from my husband to extended family.  I have so many people who are in my corner and it makes me feel like I can do anything!

In case you missed the updates, here are some behind the scenes pics from the shoot with Nick Amrhein!

photo shoot measurements getting fake eyelashes 549413_842495612508986_4656175948024193334_n 11539753_842495262509021_4344384487171310533_n 11401451_842495265842354_3393595942199546814_n 11232905_842495259175688_3725853913067675293_n 148721_480277322147311_5471905682387840171_n 11033124_841422402616307_8469302080989979000_n

Thank you to anyone who took the time to send me a quick text message, email, Facebook comment, etc.  You mean the world to me and your caring words really helped fuel my fire.

So on I go!  #UpAndUp

You along for the ride?


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