V by V Goes NPC

I’ve been thinking about competing NPC bikini for a while now and as you probably saw via FB or IG, I am diving in!

This is going to be an intense process so I will post the ups and downs, things I learn along the way and my progress.  Part of me doesn’t want to post about any of this because it’s a lot of added pressure and everyone will have an opinion, but the other part of me wants to document this for myself and other people who plan to compete.  This experience is going to be life changing so will you come along for the ride?!  P.S. I am on Periscope (@kaylatyburski) and will be documenting some of my journey there!

My husband has been so on board and is extremely supportive.  He is even following my meal plan right now.  This is 100% helpful because I already am getting my ass kicked and have a lot of work to do.

5 things to consider before choosing your personal trainer

5 things to consider before choosing your personal trainer


Like I said, I know this is going to be hard.  I know I am going to have highs and lows.  I know I am going to have to give 162%.  What would be the point of just half-assing this journey?  If I am going to do the work, I might as well kill it, right?!

This is the face of “muscle murderers.”   But really… wtf is that face?

5 things to consider before choosing your personal trainer

I am so glad I have the trainer that I do and I have a few tips on choosing the right personal trainer for reaching your own goals.

5 things to consider before choosing your personal trainer

Qualifications-  I can’t stress this enough.  I know plenty of “trainers” who are honestly so clueless about training.  Don’t just pay someone who says they can train you.  Take a look at his/her certifications or degrees.  Find out who has hired them and what kind of results that person got.  Dig up the deets!

Experience- Alright.  So your trainer has certifications and degrees, but have they actually had experience with what you are looking to do?  For example, I picked a trainer who has actually competed himself and got his IFBB pro card.  I wouldn’t want a trainer to give me advice on competing NPC if he or she hadn’t been through it, too.  So much knowledge comes from experience.

Support- I chose a trainer who allows me to text him whenever I have questions.  I feel terrible at 9pm asking if I am allowed to have an extra snack or how many mg of green tea I am supposed to take, but this support is priceless for me.  Find out from your trainer how he/she will support you when you are not 1:1.  Will you be added to a support group on Facebook?  Will you be allowed to email?  Will you be on your own?

Nutrition- This is probably a no brainer, but I highly suggest that you choose a trainer who has an extensive background in nutrition.  Getting workout advice is great, but 80% of the battle is what you put in your mouth.  Your trainer should be able to give you a meal plan and tweak it as necessary as weeks go by.

Personality- Your trainer has a tough job.  It’s critical that he or she is able to motivate you, cheer you up, or push you harder when needed.  It makes a world of a difference when you connect with your trainer on an emotional level.  Think about whether you need a trainer who really coaches you and makes you laugh, or if you prefer a trainer who is really hard on you.  Everyone has a different personality preference and you might find that certain trainers make you excited to do your workout, while other trainers leave you feeling emotionally drained.

I’m going to try and share my journey, but please understand that some things I am going to keep on the downlow (<<do people even say that anymore?!)  I just have to do what is best for me mentally through this process!

Trust the trainer.  Trust the process.

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