Sometimes I Need A Mantra #FuelToday

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DailyBurn as part of my partnership with FitFluential.  As always, I like to disclose that although I have been compensated to talk about this product, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.  My full disclosure policy is here. **

Today I broke down.

I know it seems like I always have it together.  I balance a lot of things and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It challenges me and it inspires other people to work harder.  But not everyday is perfect and sometimes I am weak.

Instead of hanging my head and being upset all day, I choose and make an effort to flip the switch.  Yes, I said choose and effort.  This is something people have to work at (including myself) and it doesn’t always come natural.

What I tell myself day in and day out is what makes me strong and gives me the power, tenacity, confidence, etc to be better than I was.

I have been debating for days now how I can use my tough moments and struggles to brighten someone else’s day and my weak moment today happened for a reason.

I realized that sharing it and being transparent could help you, too.

#FuelToday with a mantra + DailyBurn PRE

I’m going to start sharing some of these things on my periscope account (@kaylatyburski.)  So each morning, before I bust through my fasted cardio, I will be hopping on Periscope and sharing a daily mantra to help us #FuelToday.  Today, I will share them here because I wasn’t on Periscope this morning.

Last week, I noticed that when I take a few minutes to drink DailyBurn PRE before my workout and give myself a quick pep talk, I do so much better.  I feel focused and like my mind is more clear.  Unlike other pre-workouts, I don’t get jittery.  PRE made me feel centered, calm and collected.  With the tough workouts I am doing, I really needed it.DailyBurn PRE

I actually really liked the flavor.  It says tropical, but it was more orange flavored to me which is a huge bonus.  I love anything orange flavored!  More importantly, the ingredients are just what I need.

DailyBurn PRE

DailyBurn PRE is basically my all-in-one packet to endurance and excellent muscle recovery.  I notice a HUGE difference with muscle soreness; the Beta-alanine and BCAA’s really decrease the I-Got-Hit-By-A-Train feeling that used to catch up with me later in the day.  I can continue to focus and ROCK whatever life and training throws at me each day.

muscles and mascara tank

So if you are needing a little mental boost, please tweet the mantras and join me on Periscope (@kaylatyburski) and give DailyBurn PRE a try! is a leading online health and fitness brand, delivering first-class video workout programs and personalized nutrition plans to ensure that members reach their fitness goals.  DailyBurn brings fitness and nutrition to members, anytime, anywhere, by streaming HD-quality workouts in a variety of disciplines from dance and high-intensity cardio to yoga, kettlebells and strength training.  Unlimited access to DailyBurn’s plans is only $12.95 a month.  For more information, visit  You can also check out DailyBurn on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a healthy dose of motivation!

What are you using or saying to #FuelToday?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of DailyBurn.


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