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Mom Bod + How I Feel About Being Told I Don't Look Like A MomI’m sure you have seen the term “dad bod” floating around on the internet lately.  Naturally, I started thinking about mom bod.  It’s all in humor, but if we really dive in, it’s so true that as a parent, we tend to let ourselves go; kids, jobs, housework, etc all come first.

{Rewind for a quick beat.}

When people see me with Quinn out in public, I often get comments like, “Is she yours?” or “Wow.  You don’t even look like you had a kid!” or “I wouldn’t have guessed you are a mom.”   While I am honored that people are complimenting me, I have a different response inside.

When did we get to the point that we associate being fit with never having carried a child?  Why is it “normal” to lose our pre-baby figure and to be so accepting of it?  


Now before you jump the gun, I am not attacking moms who aren’t super fit or don’t love their body.  I think health is always the number one factor, not how fit you look.


I guess what I am trying to say is that my hope for other moms out there is to challenge this image.  Let’s prove that carrying a child doesn’t have to also carry the stigma of “our body going to hell.”  We can have our best body AFTER baby!  Mom Bod + How I Feel About Being Told I Don't Look Like A Mom


I know many moms struggle with this (because if they didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post) but let’s look at why I think this happens all too often and tackle it head on.

Moms tend to put everyone else first.

Okay, I get it.  Kids have to be fed and laundry has to be washed.  There are some non-negotiables here, but what if sometimes we actually worried about ourselves first.

I mean… am I the only mom who drinks her coffee cold because I brew it, then start 100 other tasks?!  No.  I know I’m not.

So sit down and drink your friggin’ coffee or give someone a chore and go get sweaty!  You will have to fight every urge to pick up the kitchen or put away your husband’s socks, but trust me, your spouse or the kids are capable of helping you out.


Moms tend to feel guilty or selfish for taking time to themselves

Yes, going to the gym takes time away from playing with Quinn or things I need to get done around the house, but in the long run, everyone wins.  If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy, right?!  Getting my workout in and having a mental break (from “momma, momma, momma”) for even 30 minutes gives me more energy and boosts endorphins so that I can be a better mom and wife.

You are not selfish for taking this time to take care of your body.

I promise that you will be able to give more.


Moms tend to be too tired

I know it’s cliche and sounds contradictory, but I had less energy before I started working out religiously.  I’m not even going to really elaborate much, but just think about people you know who have a lot of energy and people who are sloths.  What do their bodies look like?  I’m telling you… you gain energy by burning it!


Moms tend to have less time

We are definitely strapped for time and trying to multitask, so fitness doesn’t have to be crazy!  It’s much more manageable to get your workout done while tackling your to-do list.  For example, when Quinn wants to go to the park, I chase her to get in some quick sprints, I use the bench for a few step ups, I hang from bars for some pull-ups and just like that, I knocked out 15 minutes of a fun interval workout!


So go for it, mommas.  You deserve to put yourself first and by doing so, everyone wins!  Oh, and keep it fun!

Mom Bod + How I Feel About Being Told I Don't Look Like A Mom


If you are a fit momma?  Share how being fit helps you be a better mom.

Struggling with this?  Leave me a comment below or shoot me a message on social media or email.


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