How The Bible Is Fueling My Training

sacrifice quote
noun: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

We sacrifice our sanity and sleep for our children.  (Kidding, but yet I’m not.)

We sacrifice energy and time so we can have a paycheck to support our family.

We sacrifice our body or junky food to grow a beautiful human being.

There are so many examples I could list, but recently, I have been applying sacrifice to my NPC training.

Lately, in the moments that I am tired or struggling to get through cardio, I remind myself that I must sacrifice.  For Pete’s Sakes, I’m in church listening to how God sacrificed his only son for me (for the billionth time) and I am whining about 30 measly minutes of cardio?

Or how about when I really really really (really) want a beer or pizza or chips or anything else not on my meal plan?… I’m pretty sure sacrificing these items for a few weeks is not going to kill me.

This might sound super weird, but sometimes I picture Jesus hanging on the cross being beaten and taunted and I instantly stop thinking about how tired or sore I am.  The big picture here is that anything worth having requires some amount of sacrifice.

So I am trying to think of this from a new perspective; this experience will forever change me mentally, and making some sacrifices now will open up doors to some pretty cool opportunities that could bless my family in the future.

If this post really hits home for you, please pin it and share it as this doesn’t only apply to fitness.  

What can you sacrifice this week in exchange for something you value?

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