Fitspo Had To Go

Why I Tossed My Fitspo Picture

Fitspo = Fitness Inspiration

I’m sure we all have someone (or maybe a few, hundred) that we admire for their figure.  We might look up to them for their athletic ability, or even just wish we had their abs.  Fitspo is used online to describe people or accounts who are admirable with these specific “traits” if you will.

So I’ve had this image of Amanda Adams hanging up in my office for as long as I can remember.  I have been working hard and have had some goals as to how I want to shape my body and maybe even/possibly/someday becoming a fitness model.

Until the other day.

I ripped that shit down and threw it in the trash.  No offense, Amanda.  I still love you.

Why Fitspo Had To Go

It occurred to me that idolizing her body was a waste of my time.

At this point, I am happier with my body than I would be if I had Amanda’s.  Again, no offense, Amanda.  I have just come to love the way I have earned my shape and own what I have.  There’s nothing more rewarding than that!  I think Dove said it best…

Secondly, it’s the most stupid frickin’ thing to have an image of someone that you hope to look like.  I’m pretty sure Amanda is not the same height as me.  She hasn’t carried a child.  Amanda has boobs, I don’t.  I mean…. I am not Amanda and she is not me.  Nor am I any fitness model that I come across on Instagram and stalk the hell out of.

So from here on out, I am basically appreciating their hard work and dedication to their body, but never, ever will I aspire to look like someone.

Besides me that is!

I’m totally vibin’ these two articles about dealing with body image.  Whether you compete or not.  Whether you workout or not.  These are on point and I highly suggest you read them.

Overcoming Body Image Issues via (my BFF) Liz @Momaletics

These Are My Confessions via Megan Morat

How do you feel about tossing your Fitspo images (real or mental ones)?


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