Reasons You Should Attend NPC Bikini Posing Clinic

WOW!  Last weekend flew by and it’s already Wednesday! (Remember me saying that time is going by faster than I am ready for?)

My friend Renee and I road tripped down to Cleveland for a posing clinic hosted by Dave Liberman so that we could learn from the pros.

Reasons to Attend Posing Clinic

Posing is the area that I am most scared of, so I was on the fence about going.  I wondered if the cost ($90) was worth it, how nervous I would get, what to expect, etc.

I was pretty nervous right before we started.  I’ve never competed before and hadn’t practice any posing or transitions at home because I was worried I would create a bad habit if I was repeatedly practicing something wrong.  Once we got started, my nerves settled down; I ended up enjoying myself and learning a lot.

I figured a post recapping our experience could be really helpful to anyone out there looking to compete for their first time.

Reasons to Attend Posing Clinic


What to Expect + A Few Tips

You will be nervous- It’s normal.  This is all new and you aren’t sure what to expect.  Realize that no one is going to put you on the spot and make you pose by yourself in front of everyone.  Everyone is there to learn and you will most likely be in a group with individual attention as your coach walks around.

You can wear a bikini- You decide what you are most comfortable in.  I wore shorts and a sports bra but some girls were wearing their competition suits.  If you feel comfortable in your suit and want to see what you look like as you practice, then go for it.  Whatever you decide, I highly recommend bringing your heels to practice in.

You will be sized up- I can’t lie here… knowing who is going to be on stage with you is pretty weird.  You are supportive of eachother yet you know that you are going to be competing.  Expect other girls to look at you with that in mind.  Also, don’t let it get the best of you.  While you are admiring one girls shapely shoulders, she might be wondering if her legs will end up being as perfect as yours.  Just focus on your posing because you are there to learn!

You will eat cold food- You might have to travel and will be at the clinic for a few hours so make sure your meal prep (because you should be on a nutrition plan and following it) is comprised of things that will taste good if you eat it cold.  I took salad with chicken, salad with steak, cucumber slices with chicken, almonds, cheese sticks and grapefruit.  Also remember to pack some silverware!

Reasons to Attend Posing Clinic

You might have your picture taken- Our clinic offered photos to be taken of you in your best post for reference.  Having photos taken may determine what you feel comfortable wearing since the photos will likely be plastered onto a website where other clinic attendees can see them.  This service was free and a great resource!

Reasons You Should Attend

You are pushed out of your comfort zone

Something magical happens here.  When your nerves kick in and you ignore them or fight through them, you learn a lot about yourself.  Once we got started with the clinic, I realized that every other girl was nervous and felt silly.  I started to feel more relaxed and just have fun with it.  This was an awesome experience to go through so that I could learn how to deal with my nerves and can apply it later when I compete.  I now feel more confident and came home re-energized and re-focused to train and do my best!


You get free stuff

Umm…. I’m not kidding.  You will likely get free samples of awesome products from brands that sponsor your posing clinic or show.  Renee and I have enough Quest bars to feed an army.  We also got shaker cups, T-shirts, etc.  Basically, we covered our $90 fee and then some!

Reasons to Attend Posing Clinic


You might win a prize

Our posing clinic gave away three prizes to each group; tanning package, free custom NPC suit,  and bling.  I won the jewelry package!  I never win anything so I was elated.  That’s one less thing I have to pay for and it’s beautiful!

Reasons to Attend Posing Clinic


You learn

The real reason to go.  Our posing clinic was comprised of one judge (Gary Udit) and two pro competitors Ashley Kaltwasser (2x Olympia-Bikini) and her coach Summer Montabone.  We learned what judges want to see, what to avoid doing/wearing, etc and spent a lot of time learning how to pose and transition.  I learned so many tricks to stand out on stage and how to bring my A-game.



You get 1:1 tips/coaching

After we learned some posing and transitions, Ashley and Summer made sure to critique each of us individually.  Simple changes to our foot stance or shoulder positioning made all the difference.  It was also great to hear their tips for practicing in the weeks leading up to competition.  I was able to ask specific questions about my poses and see what advice they had for me.

Reasons to Attend Posing Clinic


You meet and bond with other competitors

There’s something really neat about this whole process.  The fact that us women all feel silly and a little nervous, but share the common dedication to training and the lifestyle really helps us connect.  Renee and I met another competitor who was by herself and I think having someone to talk to helped ease her nerves.  We will be competing at the same show, so I am excited to watch her progress on IG and see her this fall!


I’m really glad I made the decision to go to posing clinic.  I’m ready for the next eight weeks and very excited to see what’s to come for my journey!

If you are looking to compete in the future, what questions do you have?

If you have competed, do you have any advice for newbies?



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