Printable Checklist- What to Pack for A Bikini Competition

What to pack for bikini or figure competitions. A full printable checklist

I can’t believe I’m competing this Saturday!

I am so excited!  Tomorrow after getting my hair touched up and nails done, I am running errands to grab any last minute things I need to pack.  Thursday I will be packing my bags and Friday we leave for Cleveland.

Holy crap, it’s almost here.

But what do I pack? 

I definitely didn’t want to forget something and then screw up my whole competition.  Okay, so maybe that’s overreacting, but seriously… what if I missed such a small detail and it really caused a big problem?  I felt like I needed to reach out to friends and previous competitors to compile a list.  This way, even though I am a “newbie” I am 100% prepared.

So as I compiled the list, I thought  you might be wondering what the hell to pack, too!

So pin and print this to have for future reference!  Just click here or click on the image to be taken to the FREE download.

What to pack for bikini or figure competitions. A full printable checklist

I’ve broken down this list into some different categories and you can add anything as you see fit.  Of course, I could have put on the obvious items like toothpaste, but I think that’s a given.

You may be wondering what a few items are for so here is a quick rundown:

  • Shower Cap- to protect your hair during spray tan
  • Loose pajamas – sleep in these to protect your tan from smearing
  • Robe- to wear around backstage.  You get a little chilly in a bikini!
  • Extra Sheets- use these so you don’t stain the hotel sheets with your spray tan
  • Bikini Bite- to keep your suit in place
  • Gloves- you might want disposable gloves for applying oils, tanning gel, etc.
  • Business Cards- give to vendors/possible sponsors you want to work with
  • Towel- use your towel so you don’t stain the hotel towels with spray tan

I’m outtie to rest, eat and finish up my last cardio!  Deuces!

I will be checking in this week on social media to share peak week feels so stay tuned!  Hotel silliness, road trippin’, eats, etc!  I also plan on having Rob share my pre-judging on Periscope: @kaylatyburski live October 10th around 9:45 am // Facebook // Instagram

If you are competing soon, tell us when and where?  Is this your first?

Previous competitors, is there anything you would add to the list?  What would you pack now that you didn’t when you first competed?

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