Project Pinterest: Free Checklist for Blog Traffic Growth

pinterest checklist to grow blog traffic

The struggle is real for a blogger to try and grow your blog.  We are hustling for every stat we can show to a brand to convince them that their dollar is well spent to team up with us and reach their targeted audience.  It can be exhausting and sometimes rob us of the joy of blogging.  I know I have stressed about the numbers before and felt like I wasn’t growing.

It took me a little while to realize that Pinterest was my best social media tool I had for my blog.  Here I was, spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and yet Pinterest was starting to snowball and I didn’t even realize it.

Does this sound familiar?

I decided to really dive in and make my Pinterest account more professional and was amazed at what happened.  It seemed like overnight I became a power pinner.

Here are some new stats:

Pinterest is my #1 traffic source over ALL social media accounts bringing in 55% of all traffic. Ummmm helllooooo look at the difference in these numbers!


pinterest checklist to grow blog trafficSo what does this all mean?

Pinterest is FREE and a HUGE traffic source for your blog.  

If you aren’t hip to it, you better get there!

All of my pins are driving traffic back to my site.  Like this 21 Day Fix pin which has been repinned over 15K times (has brought me over 8000 clicks to my blog just in the last 30 days) or this DIY wall art pin which has been repinned 13K times (257K impressions on Pinterest just in the last 30 days.)

I was working on a project behind the scenes called #ProjectPinterest where I would share tips and videos to walk you through this cool epic stuff, but instead of putting a price on it, I decided to make it free and just release the modules each week.

Sound good?

I thought you might like that.

So today, I wanted to share this free checklist that you can use to GLOW your Pinterest and really take advantage of this tool!

Just click here or click the image to be taken to the download.  Print and get to work!

pinterest checklist to grow blog traffic

Just in case you didn’t already get my free GLOW Your Pinterest Workbook, stop everything you are doing and get it here.

This checklist will all make so much more sense.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be diving into these sections with more in depth posts so you can GLOW your Pinterest. Check back each week (or subscribe so you don’t miss a post) as I release new tips and please reach out to me anytime with questions as you work through this!

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